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New Music Review: REVERIES END “Edge Of Dark Waters”

REVERIES END "Edge Of Dark Waters"


REVIEW – Finland seems to be becoming an interesting breeding ground for metal. You have Seremonia who represent this doom and gloom 60’s psychedelic and now Reveries End who are the opposite end of the spectrum. This is a female led band who specialize in this progressive goth like melody soothed sound that becomes very intoxicating, very fast. Edge of Dark Waters is the proper title for this cd, because we are unsure in the opening minutes where this cd can be leading us towards but listening to the female vocals we are following them into this darkness that starts off acoustically and then gets more melodic and heavy as we follow. This is a band that wants to implement many tools into this sound, they have black metal screams to create a very appealing direction. This is clearly a band who are very hungry as you can tell in their sound, they want to just jump out of the speakers and show people their passion and heart. The ballads on this record are very radio friendly, which fits what they were aiming for.

This is clearly a band who were inspired by bands like Leaves Eyes and Epica. They take their musical style and try to marry it with so many different touches to create this sound that may not set them apart from the pack, but make them just as good as the others doing it. I feel this record is the album they needed to showcase what they are about and capable of delivering. This is a band who are going to only get better with some tours under their belt and more time playing together. They have a very tight sound and know how to compliment the vocals, but i feel this is a band that is testing the waters to see what they feel comfortable playing and being perceived as being. I would recommend this record, the band has a ton of potential and personality on display. Sometimes familiarity is not a bad thing, when it is done right. They have a vocalist in Sariina Tani who has a great deal of potential in her singing. I feel this band if they land a good tour, could get people looking and talking very fast.

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