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New Music Review: REVENIENCE “Daedalum”


1.In A Landscape of Winter
2.Blown Away by the Wind
5.Lone Island
7.No My Choice
9.Shadows and Silence

Debora Ceneri: Vocals
Simone Spolzino: Drums
Fausto De Bellis: Bass
Michele Di Lauro: Guitar
Pasquale Barile: Keyboards

Review-Let’s be honest for a second. Women in music get a lot of shit thrown their way. You never hear a bunch of metal fans criticizing Rob Halford or Chuck Billy for what they wear or not being “ sexy” enough. It seems that the women who dominate on the music scene right now, basically whore themselves in pictures and videos. These pin up girls who cater to the sex craving of young internet boys, make the women who really have the passion look bad. Women like The Runaways, Suzi Quatro, Warlock, Fear of God, Karyn Crisis, Bitch, Wendy O Williams and even Lydia Lunch for starters, paved this road for women to just be themselves. Revenience is a band that have so much potential, that it is hard not to like them. The cd opens with “ In a Landscape of Winter”. This track is very much a keyboard instrumental track. You could view this as a calm before the storm. The next track is “ Blown Away”. The keyboards seem to be in full effect again, but we get our first taste of the vocals, which remind me of a female version of Symphony X. The track achieves the message it wants to send. The band compliment the vocals. This is where I am going to state that people will claim “ Lacuna Coil rip off”. The third track sounds like very early Lacuna inspired. “ Shamble” sounds like early “ In A Reverie”. I think that was what I liked the most.

Debora clearly shows that she is growing as a singer, and is trying to push the sound into the realms of both metal and commercial pop. The problem is, her vocals are tailor made for the gothic rock elements and even the heavier elements. Her voice does show some issues trying to convey a pop sense. She will never be the lead singer in Paramore or Metric. She could be the lead singer for The Gathering or Nightwish. I will go on record, she does have a better vocal range than Floor does. “ Flail” is our next track. It has a slow build, but it really loses sight very early of what it is trying to achieve. The vocals we do get are promising and the way the song ends is very clever. The problem is that I am not sure what they were going for, with this song. Is this supposed to be experimental? It seems they were more preoccupied with trying to be different, than trying to be effective. I feel this is the sign of a band who want to explore. They are looking for what people will relate to, and work with that. We go to our fifth song the ballad “ Lone Island”. It has a very simple yet effective piano intro.

You really get a glimpse at what makes this band so special. They have a lead singer when inspired can deliver a song that can pierce your soul. “ A Maze” is our next track. This is by far the one that a live crowd will react to the most. This is a heavy track that has everything you can ask for. It has a great dual vocal delivery that has so much depth and very intensely passionate. It has one of the best keyboard solos I have ever listened to. You have all the elements of Prog with the breakdowns and the rhythm changes. To follow this song up is hard, and that could be seen as why “ Not My Choice” seems easy to pick on. The song is not bad, but I feel it does not really do much for the band. It sounds like Tim Skold may have came up with the direction. I love that the band is so willing to change its sound track to track, but this is a little too drastic. The repetitive playing could be seen as the band trying to figure out where to go with the song. Songs like this, could be played by a band like In This Moment and people will praise their growth. That being said, I feel for a young and hungry band that track is too ambitious and should have been better thought out. Our next track is “ Revenant” . It is a very brilliant piece of music. You have some piano and violin that sounds like they are harmoniously making love to each other. The track is rather short and plays more like a build to the last track, but is a very clever piece of writing. The ending or final punch comes in the form of “ Shadows and Silence”. This song showcases that the band are thinking of the future. This dual keyboard, drum intro is jaw dropping. The vocals are the proper showcase of what this band has to offer. The band’s ambition again shines as this song is very long.

That being said, the song does have so much going for it, that I feel people will enjoy the journey. This album is good. There was moments that this band does lose its direction, but that is to be expected. I feel that this band has so much ambition that to capture it in a studio is unfair. This band would be better suited to capture in front of a crowd in a live setting. I feel a studio for this kind of hungry band is only going to hold them back. In the field of metal, this band does stand out for its heart and passion. This is a band that welcome comparisons, but once you really listen to them, you really start to see there is more to them than a label or tag. If heart and drive could sell records, this band would be the new Led Zeppelin.

8 out of 10

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