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New Music Review: ORACLES “Miserycorde”

ORACLES "Miserycorde" (Cover)


REVIEW – I hate the term “ supergroup”. I think of some aging rockers who want to make some more money, before getting a reunion tour and milking pockets again. So, I will call this band a meshing of spirits. You have the vocalist for Dimlight, and members of Abagail Williams, System Divide and Aborted. Sanna Salou is that one of a kind vocalist. She has this clean approach that makes her voice pierce into your soul. She is a haunting beauty of a soul that grabs your attention by each note, until….you get Sven de Caluwé who lays on the sick growls and hateful snarls. This man is the monster to Sanna’s beauty. One minute, you are being seduced, the next you are being ripped apart. Steve and Mendel have a guitar attack that is just genius. They understand what their vocalists are capable of and want to compliment them. This band from drums to vocals have so much experience that they really know how to make the most out of any musical moment. The opening of this cd is “An Adagio For The Callous”, which slowly builds up with the angelic vocals of Sanna. Then, the earth falls apart and we get blasted by molten rocks with that guitar riff from the depths of hell. This leads into “ The Tribulation Of Man”, which kicks this cd off in another gear and showcases Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) on guitar.

This song is just stellar and the perfect showcase for what this band can offer. To show that they have the balls to attempt anything, they do a cover of Marilyn Manson’s “ The Beautiful People”. To say the cover is the biggest shock on this cd is an understatement. I did not see this band wanting to cover that song. They pull it off a lot better than one would assume. The vocals do sound more KMFDM than metal. They also have Ryan Knight and Jeff Loomis on tracks to tear ship apart as well. This cd is daring at times and at others it sounds like a sum of past parts. I will admit, Sanna sounds like she has a new lease on life. Her energy and passion is just contagious. Where I felt in Dimlight, she was being held back musically. This band seems to be open to experimentation more. As a whole, this cd has a lot to recommend. It is just unrelenting melodic and crunch metal. You have two vocalists who can deliver in any style of music. I hope we see more with Sanna in this band. She adds a new depth to their attack that I feel should be explored more down the road. This album is not a collection of songs, it is a statement that metal is not dead.

ORACLES “Miserycorde”

ORACLES "Miserycorde"Track Listing:
01. An Adagio for the Callous
02. The Tribulation of Man (feat. Per Nilsson)
03. Catabolic (I Am)
04. Quandaries Obsolete (feat. Ryan Knight)
05. Scorn
06. Body of Ineptitude (feat. Jeff Loomis)
07. Remnants Echo
08. Canvas of Me
09. S(k)in
10. The Beautiful People
11. We, the Indifferent

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