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New Music Review: MIRACLE FLAIR “Angels Cast Shadows”

1 Angels Cast Shadows
2 Embracing The End
3 Alive
4 The Unfulfilled
5 Blessing And A Curse
6 I Am Your Truth
7 Soul Witness
8 Challenge My Faith
9 The Whole
10 Still Remaining Part

Band Members
Nicole Hartmann – vocals
Daniel Maurizi – guitars
Cédric Bron – drums
Jonas Lüscher – bass

Review-Miracle Flair is a very personal band. When you hear the songs on this cd, you feel like you are getting to know someone who could be a bigger part of your life as time goes forward. This Swiss Symphonic Metal band has so much passion and heart, that it is not too hard not to fall in love with their new album. I guess the word I am searching for is “ unexpected”. In my last review I was basically saying it was the end of female fronted symphonic metal and that all we get is clones. Now, I hear this band and I feel the total opposite. This is a band that has so many different elements that when they are working together creates a modern metal album that has so much technique and a lead singer who is so ready for the task of impressing a listener. This is clearly a band who feel confident in each other to take little chances with the guitar sound. A lead singer in Nicole Hartmann who each word she says feels like the most important thing at that moment. She has a way of intoxicating a listener to this journey the music brings you on. The music has an aggression at times that feels so skilled but yet does not take away from any element of the sound.

It actually showcases that the band is thinking outside of the realms that reviewers like me pigeonhole them in. The album has a heavy feel and flows very evenly. This band also brings melodies that seem to compliment the aggressiveness. Songs like “ I Am Your Truth” are victims of not having a MTV Headbangers Ball or modern rock radio that would take a gamble on a band with no platinum sales or a label that will pay stations under the table to promote their bands. “ Soul Witness” is another example of that one song by that one band that can just take off if given exposure. The beauty of this band is that this is not a one person show. What Nicole delivers in vocals, the other three, Cedric, Jonas and Daniel deliver in making this album such a great contender for 2017’s best cd. This is an album that demands attention and a band that is putting everything into this sound. Gene Simmons is quoted as saying “ Metal is Dead”. Someone needs to send him a copy of this cd, he will see how damn stupid he truly is. This cd is something that metal fans should really seek out.

9 out of 10

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