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New Music Review: METAL CHURCH “XI”


REVIEW – After a 20 year absence Mike Howe is back in Metal Church. Thank god the internet was not around in the 80’s. You had David Wayne and this metal feel in The Dark, and then a few years later you had Howe taking over vocals and Metal Church changed radically. Not as much as Accept did when Reece took over for Udo, but when Metal Church fans like me hit play and heard Fake Healer, it was something different for us. As the CD or cassette played on, it won over the fan in me. The Human Factor for me was not a bad record, but you can tell they wanted to have commercial success. The songs were catchy and more alternative tinged than metal. I feel the best Metal Church record since Blessing in Disguise was Masterpeace till now. The 11th album from Metal Church is something to really get behind. The band never sound so energized and ready to just tear it up. The opening track Reset is classic Metal Church riffs and catchy drum with Howe sounding like he has not missed a beat. This is one for the old school fans.

Mike Howe on every track really showcases his abilities as a vocalist, there is no denying that in the history of Metal Church, Wayne and Howe are clearly both talented. Where I felt Wayne in his comeback record had a little more depth to his style with songs like “ Into Dust” that Howe does at times comes across as one dimensional. That being said though, the band this time around just sounds very tight and try very hard to compliment Howe. Where I feel in the past and songs like “ Fake Healer” were not the proper showcase, that maybe songs like “ The Spell Can’t Be Broken” and “ Of Unsound Mind” may have been more suitable. As a whole, this record should put a smile on old school fans who missed Howe, like me. The sad part is that Wayne is dead, it would have been incredible to get both of them on one CD to share vocals and duet on something to really complete the history of this band. If you are new to Metal Church, go seek out The Dark and Blessing in Disguise first, then this and Masterpeace. A good comeback record, hopefully they will tour for this.


METAL CHURCH "XI"Track Listing:
01. Reset
02. Killing Your Time
03. No Tomorrow
04. Signal Path
05. Sky Falls In
06. Needle & Suture
07. Shadow
08. Blow Your Mind
09. Soul Eating Machine
10. It Waits
11. Suffer Fools


Metal Church is:

Mike Howe (vocals)
Kurdt Vanderhoof (guitar)
Jeff Plate (drums)
Steve Unger (bass)
Rick VanZandt (guitar)

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