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New Music Review: MARISSA NADLER “Strangers”


Remember-I can remember the first time I heard Bjork. Her voice just spoke to me thru the radio speakers. It talked to me in sweet rhythms and beautiful lyrics. I remember the first time I heard Kate Bush. Her music took me on this incredible sensual journey that spoke thru me. It brought tears to my eyes when the songs were ending, but joy to know there was one upcoming. I can remember the first time I heard Lesley Rankine, she spoke to me in a language that only I could understand. That my heart would react to when her voice would go from soft to loud. She would know what is inside my soul and speak to every moment in my existence like it depended on her words. I know will remember the first time I heard Marissa Nadler. Her vocals are reminiscent at times of Mazzy Star, but the emotion and passion she packs is all her own. She has been around the scene for over a decade, but listening to this album you would never have assumed that. Her sound comes across so romantic yet elegant that you would think she is someone who just fell out of the sensual skies. Music is her landscape, and she comes across it with such heartache and sadness at times that you want to just put down the headphones and cry, but then get back to hear her folk like delivery just pierce through your being.

This record does not come across as a collection of songs, it plays out like a soundtrack to her life. Instead of getting songs, you get pieces of her heart and journey. There were moments on here that I sat there shaking, it felt like someone was speaking directly to me about what they been thru, and trusting me to listen and have faith that they are going to make it thru it. This record embodies existence and also emotion. When people sit there and feel they are all alone in their own self hurtful and painful world, this record clearly shows that you are not alone. This is my first listen to her, and I am anxious to see what the other records were like, I will say this woman has a gift and she has something that like Lana Del Ray and Amy Winehouse, she has so much talent and is put on this planet for the reason to make music. This record is not just a great album, it is a warning that music is more than dumb pop songs on a radio station. It is real people going thru real ordeals to pour their souls out to people and for the listener to find beauty and fall in love with the experience. This woman is something very special. This album is not only a must, it is quite definitely a reason to put this woman on any magazine cover that is readily available. Love cries from skies less traveled, this album is the album that defines what it truly means to be a musician who does not have a money agenda but does this for the passion of putting out music.

10 out of 10

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