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New Music Review: LANTERNS ON THE LAKE “Beings”


Of Dust & Matter
I’ll Stall Them
The Crawl
Send Me Home
Through The Cellar Door
Stepping Down
Stuck For An Outline

Review-Lanterns on the Lake sound like what would happen if early Sinead O’Connor was fronting The Joy Formidable. The music is deep and the heart and passion is on display all over the sound. These ten sounds reflect this world we live in as not a fun journey but a very complex orgasm of lush dreamy pop. The music on this record just is so beautifully captured, so intimate and that Hazel Wilde has some major pipes that can swoon you while warning you. This is a band that if it came around in an era of video and modern college radio not having agendas, would be the talk. You can feel the emotion that Hazel is trying to bring about, with a band of Paul Gregory and Oliver Ketteringham that compliment her voice with their musicianship.

I feel most people who will read this review, have never heard of this band. To listen to this cd for you would be like a world of discovery. The gentle soundscape with a vocalist who is both defiant yet shows vulnerability. To call this one of the best cds of 2016, would be truly not even doing it justice. This could be one of the best cds of the last decade. Bringing back memories in the tone and feel of a young Kate Bush, adventurous and daring but yet compelling and exposing such great depth. This is a band to take very serious. This is very atmospheric, unsettling at times, yet such a lush and gorgeous landscape. Do not let these lights burn out, this album is such a must own. Lanterns on the Lake have won me over.

10 out of 10

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