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New Music Review: KOREAN FIRE DRILL “More Badass Than Half Ass”

KOREAN FIRE DRILL "More Badass Than Half Ass" (Cover)

REVIEW – People grab my band and let me show you what the fox will say. Korean Fire Drill clearly are out to have a good time, and in this day and age there is nothing wrong with that. When it comes to metal and comedy bands though, that trend is not the best. Where bands like Haunted Garage, Green Jelly, Scatterbrain, The Bloodhound Gang and etc all tried their damndest. The fact that the metal fan does not like to mix the two together. You know as fast as I call this band a comedy band, they pull out such an amazing cover of Heart’s Barracuda. They mix that passion with a sense of humor for The MF Fox. You have the female vocals of Lydia, trying to tell us like a child story, then it just goes to hell so fast. I can picture the band smoking a huge bowl and coming up with this idea. I can picture the whole studio session was held at the ABC store with a dime bag on call at any moment of creativity shortage. This is a band that clearly is open to go off the rails any time during a song. This cd has phone call skits that were corny and in a way very cheesy. Then, Lydia tries to act like she is the one not in on this joke, and she goes just as insane as the rest of the band does. They also have a cover of California Love. To hear these guys tell me to ” shake it, shake it mama” is sort of like my 90 year old Aunt singing it to me. Thinking of the whitest people you can, who are trying to be gangster hip.

They also do a cover of the Feel Good Inc from the Gorillaz. It is pretty faithful to the original. Another song I really dig on this cd is Kanye. Lydia just has a blast singing her heart out. What this song means, that is a good question. What this whole cd means or is about is nothing more than a guess. Funny, earlier we mention the Bloodhound Gang. This band decides to cover their big hit, The Bad Touch. Bitch Box and Live Like Us so that this band is out to try and have some fun and get people to sing along with them. This album I feel some dick critics will not get, because they are too serious and so above the experience of having fun. I had fun with the cd, I will admit some moments on this record were cringe worthy, like watching your grandmother getting anally fisted. This is clearly a bunch of talented musicians who want people to put down their problems and get fucked up and have fun. That cover of Barracuda is so fucking sick. They should have used that in Shrek, instead of that Fergie one. The Wilson sisters would be proud. I am just not sure if they would want to hear Bitch Box.

KOREAN FIRE DRILL “More Badass Than Half Ass”

KOREAN FIRE DRILL "More Badass Than Half Ass"Track Listing:
01. The Invitation (Skit)
02. Kanye
03. The Joy (Skit)
04. The MF Fox
05. The Rejection (Skit)
06. California Love
07. The Wrath (Skit)
08. Barracuda
09. The Abandonment (Skit)
10. The Bad Touch
11. The Journey (Skit)
12. Forbidden Temples
13. The Accord (Skit)
14. SpidaRackNeeAHH
15. The Redirection (Skit)
16. Austin Texas (The Good, The Bad And The Fkyaaah [Concerto in G & F, and G])
17. The Wrong Direction (Skit)
18. Country Sowng
19. The Celebration (Skit)
20. Scissor Sisters
21. The Gift (Skit)
22. Bitch Box
23. The Chi (Skit)
24. Live Like Us
25. Outta Left Field (Monologue)

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