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Music Review-The Kills-Ash & Ice


1. “Doing It to Death” 4:07
2. “Heart of a Dog” 3:46
3. “Hard Habit to Break” 3:52
4. “Bitter Fruit” 4:14
5. “Days of Why and How” 4:32
6. “Let It Drop” 3:15
7. “Hum for Your Buzz” 3:17
8. “Siberian Nights” 4:53
9. “That Love” 2:33
10. “Impossible Tracks” 3:41
11. “Black Tar” 3:52
12. “Echo Home” 5:06
13. “Whirling Eye” 3:34

Review-The Kills are one of these bands that they are damned if they do, and damned if they do not. Since their “ Blood Pressures” release people have been complaining about the band sounding too comfortable and complacent. The magazines and websites that once praised them for being this daring new band are now changing their tune because they feel this band should be “their vision” and not the “band’s vision”. Alison Mosshart I feel in the last few years with The Dead Weather project has showed people she is a “superstar” musician. Which brings us to, the latest release by The Kills. “Ash & Ice” is not a perfect album but it is an album I feel alternative college radio has been needing. (Since the last Dead Weather album last year) Alsion I feel this time around has brought a confidence that she probably earned holding her own in a band started by Jack White. While The Kills do not have the energy and dynamic of the Weather, the Kills latest release is a good little reminder that if you use music to entertain you, and not stand with your arms folded acting like music owes you something, you may get entertained. Guitarist Hince understands his musical soul mate and compliments her vocals with an approach that goes from alternative to slow with such passion.

I know the people will assume that The Dead Weather are going to bring ears to this band, but I like to think that The Kills had a fanbase way before The Dead Weather existed and this cd is for them. This record seems to feel like a relaxed version of BMRC mixed with Talk Normal. The Kills latest record does not invent the wheel, but this record does not need to. It makes a ride feel more comfortable and occasionally passione. The record does feel start feeling at times a bit redundant and I will admit at 13 tracks, that is quite a lot to digest. I will admit I loved “ No Wow” more than this record, but this record I really had fun with for the most part. If you want to see a band who really plays for its fans and give their heart, they were on a late show not too long ago, and they ripped it up. This is a good enough release to get a passing grade, but I sort of felt I deserved something more after that incredible last Dead Weather cd. I feel that maybe, Alison needs to be motivated more in the studio and not left to feel she has to do something. That is what I feel, who knows I could be way off base but I feel after listening to this album, I may be really close though.

7.5 out of 10

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