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Music Review-Killer Bee-Rock Another Day


1. Children Of The Evolution
2. From Hell And Back
3. Step Into My World
4. Scream It
5. All Night Long
6. Ride On
7. I Believe
8. A Little Too Old
9. Heat Of The Night
10. All The Things You Say
11. I’m On Fire
12. Love It Or Leave It
13. Drive Me Crazy
14. If We Die Tomorrow

Brian Bee Frank – Vocals
Jimmy DeLisi – Guitars
Anders “LA” Rönnblom – Bass, Vocals
Morgan Evans – Drums
Denny DeMarchi – Keyboard, Vocals

Review-Killer Bee have hit the musical battlefield with their latest rocking album. Rock Another Day is anything but subtle, this is a record that just comes right out of the gates swinging for the fences. This album is a fun little ride that offers no sort of surprises, but it does give you a pretty steady road to view. With bands like Metal Church and Omen returning after long absences I feel the rock scene really is trying right now to get things going into the past more than the present or future. This is a band that much like a lot of their fellow rockers, is just trying to make fun music and not over complicating the formula. This album really seems to be aiming towards rock radio more than trying to keep their fan base happy. This feels like one of those releases that someone may have stuck their noses in the process and say, “ think about what sells”. This is a band like early Buckcherry seems very one dimensional and if you are not in their central reach, then you are going to be left aside. I do not blame the band from trying to see if it can land on the radio, but I just feel this record is a little below what I would have expected off this release. The music is there, but it just seems that the passion is not. This feels like a record that was more about trying to make a buck than win me over. I did not hate this record, and would give it a C, but I was hoping for something to really win me over and have me thinking once it ended.

7 out of 10

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