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New Music Review: KAIRA “Roots of Veles”

KAIRA “Roots Of Veles”


REVIEW: Holy Fucking Shit. That is my whole review. KAIRA, according to the press release I was sent, has been around for a very long time. This album though, does not sound like a veteran group. It sounds like a young hungry band with something they want to prove. The album has a conceptual feel to it. The band has this balance of heavy and melodic that really grabs for your throat one second and your soul the next. This is the album that fans thought the Butcher Babies would give them. The vocals are extreme but the melodic feel of this album comes across epic-like. Where most bands put out songs to say they are musicians. This is a band who are not putting out songs. They are putting out messages. They are not out to pave a way in any music scene. They are here to smash down the fucking foundations. They have this groove to their music that is so catchy and impressive. That is the one thing I can honestly say. Once you start on this journey with this band of insanity, you will not want to stop. This is a band that know how to compliment the vocals. Whether it gets harsh or soft. This is a band that is not afraid to alter the sound to showcase what they have to offer. As I said early in my review, Holy Fucking Shit. This is an album that will crush your spine and spit out your bones. This is the sound of the heavy hammer of fuck coming from below to annihilate the scene. This is the album that metal has needed for some time. Who said metal is dead? Someone better tell this band that memo. Obviously they did not hear yet. This one impressed me very much. If the review could go to a 11, it would be a 12. Metal fans, it is time to bow to the new saviors.

KAIRA “Roots Of Veles”


01. Roots Of Veles
02. Cry Of Pagan Gods
03. The Ingling Saga
04. Revolution
05. Lost Past
06. Bleeding Spirit
07. Sin Price
08. No More




Vitaliy Oleynik – Bass
Dzmitry Halahanau – Drums
Pavel Drozdov – Guitars
Anna Zakharova – Keyboards
Kaira Drozdova – Vocals

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