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Music Review-The Julie Ruin-” Hit Reset”


Hit Reset
I Decide
Be Nice
Rather Not
Planet You
Let Me Go
Mr. So and So
Record Breaker
Hello Trust No One
I’m Done
Roses More Than Water
Time Is Up

Review-The music industry is an odd bird when you think about it. You have males who are funded by the machine, raging against it. Protest music created by a bunch of privileged people who want you to do their fighting for them. They sell you a “packaged rebellion”, for them to point out who you should think the enemy is. You also have had voices of women like Lydia Lunch and Kathleen Hanna, who were not raging against a corporation, or a mindset they wanted you to have, they were angry about a reality that we see in our faces daily. A reality that whether we close our eyes or have them wide open and obliviously run away from it, a reality that just exists. The question to ask, “ will we ever see Kathleen in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”. People will also name Sonic Youth, Joy Division and so many others like Kate Bush, as people who also deserve their due. I put Kathleen in this class. because when you think about it, she has always been competing with herself. Most of the bands who had the female singer in the 90’s, seemed inspired by a Kim Gordon, Lydia Lunch, Kate Bush or a Kathleen Hanna. It must suck to watch television and see your double playing a role that is based on your reality. The Julie Ruin has come back with their second album, “ Hit Reset”. Which is such a fitting title for a career like Kathleen’s. A woman who has always pushed bounds and moved proverbial mountains in the industry. People are always so fast to say, “ well what do they have to prove” when any musician puts out a new album.

After-all this is the day and age when fans no longer feel the need to want music being new,, they just want to hit the internet with something to bitch about or someone to attack. “ Hit Reset” can be seen as a very personal record that I feel the music industry right now truly needs. I feel Kathleen is more at home fronting this band then she ever has in Bikini Kill or Le Tigre. She has more of a freedom at her age and experience that she does not have to worry anymore about winning over fans as much as being at peace artistically with herself. She speaks about her father on this record in a way that makes you feel a more personal connection than ever before to her. To end the cd with a love song piano ballad to her own mother that really showcases that Kathleen and her band are making music more for themselves than pleasing a critic or fan base. This record also has the synth-pop punkiness we have come to love from her. This record has so much passion and seems to be shooting from the heart much more than before with Kathleen and The Ruin. When you watch them playing live on Youtube, you can see a band that wants everyone to have fun but also to think for themselves and rage against the things that affect them personally and not be told what to rage against. Can Kathleen do any wrong? The woman re-invents herself when people think they know who she is or where she is coming from. She is a daring rebel for art, and when she has the freedom of expressing her art, this is what comes out of it.

9 out of 10

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