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New Music Review: JOHN COLTRANE “Trane 90”


Disc: 1

1. Stablemates

2. Trane’S Blues

3. Dear Old Stockholm

4. Well, You Needn’T

5. Monk’S Mood

6. Trinkle Tinkle

7. Straight, No Chaser

8. So What

9. On Green Dolphin Street (Live)

Disc: 2

1. Straight Street

2. Moment’S Notice

3. Good Bait

4. Giant Steps

5. Naima

6. Blues To Bechet

7. Africa

8. Chasin’ The Trane

Disc: 3

1. Tenor Madness

2. Bob’S Boys

3. Soultrane

4. Two Bass Hit

5. Pristine

6. West 42nd Street

7. Manhattan

8. Just Friends

9. Bags & Trane

10. Grand Central

Disc: 4

1. Birks’ Works

2. Don’T Blame Me

3. Max Is Making Wax

4. Tune Up

5. Bye Bye Blackbird

6. My Favourite Things

7. Impressions

8. Body And Soul

Review-When I was a kid, I played alto saxophone. My father always loved me playing my sax as he was eating his supper. My father was a huge country music and jazz fan. He would play me all these jazz albums and 8 tracks, to encourage me in my playing. My issue with being in a school band. I wanted to do more obscure stuff. They wanted to play more modern and even classic. I wanted to take my playing to a more Zappa feel. Where the instrument does not get feel like an instrument. It feels like a part of you. When I was in college, I discovered “ Trane”. John William Coltrane was a jazz saxophone player who really made love to the instrument. He is widely known as the forefather of the movement people refer to as “ free jazz”. This girl was playing me Miles Davis. As I was falling in love with the way he handled a trumpet, I would hear Coltrane just romance the song with the way he handled complementing Davis. This collection of songs is just art. Pure and simple, put on your headphones art. The man really polarized critics. There were some who were fast to praise his style and others who were fast to point fingers at what he is bringing could hurt the future of music at that era. His death in 1967, was one of those moments in history that people realized his true contribution and praised him. This four disc collection chronicles his history from start to finish. We get what he did as a front leader and what he did helping others as well. If you are new to the man, this disc comes out in early December and is so worth the investment.

On a scale one to ten…what does buy this rank in?

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