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New Music Review: JINJER “The King of Everything”

REVIEW – Listening to the new album from Jinjer reminded me of when I first heard the cd “ Wolves” by Deadlock. This is clearly a band who are so anxious to try anything at least once that this cd really packs more punches than a blind date with Chris Brown. I hate to sell this experience short and say well it combines this and that, where people are going to patiently wait for those elements to hit them upon listening. I will say this, if you are looking for a reason to get excited about metal music again, this band sure does give you a good reason. In music, the one thing you cannot hide is youth. That passion and heart you get when a fresh hungry band hit the scene is so infectious. The Ukrainian band does not want to be “just another female fronted metal band”, and boy do they give you a sound and a singer that mixes the fury of early Sabine of Deadlock with the passion you would have expect from Angela in Arch Enemy. The sound of this band is just pure heaviness that drifts at times into a progressive zone that balances out the overall adventure. The key to the sound of the instruments is a singer who knows how to compliment the sound, and vice versa. This is a band who know how to utilize the amazing vocals with this delivery that is just as chaotic aggressive head fucking.

This comment may be taken the wrong way, but let it be said that we are truly lacking in females in this genre who are more than a look. This band clearly shows that they have a lot of potential. Each track on this record stands out for both the musicianship and the vocals. This is a band that realize they are going to under the microscope with a female singer, and wanted to show people that “ music does not have a gender, it has an emotion. It has a drive and a fucking down to the floor attack”. Whether you like a hard hitting punch in the face or you like a careful whisper in your senses, this is a band who deliver on each moment they put into this record. The Deadlock reference early, I just hope the band does not fall in the pot holes they did right after “ Wolves” and never rebounded back from it. Great sound, a ton of potential and heart on display. This record is going to win a lot of people over fast. I think the next time we talk about this band will be on a bigger stage.

JINJER “King Of Everything”

JINJER "King of Everything"Track Listing:
01. Prologue
02. Captain Clock
03. Words Of Wisdom
04. Just Another
05. I Speak Astronomy
06. Sit Stay Roll Over
07. Under The Dome
08. Dip A Sail
09. Pisces
10. Beggars’ Dance



Tatiana Shmailyuk – Vocals
Roman Ibramkhalilov – Guitar
Eugene Kostyuk – Bass
Dmitriy Kim – Drums

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