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New Music Review: HERETIC’S DREAM “Floating State of Mind”

HERETIC's DREAM "Floating State of Mind"


REVIEW – Heretic’s Dream are a band that in the past that I struggled with. While their debut record had a ton of promise, I felt it followed every other female led metal band. The follow up, I was not a fan of and felt that the band were in a confusing place musically trying to find out where they fit in. I will say now, their new record Floating State of Mind is not the same band that I have reviewed in the past. This record showcases the amazing pop/metal vocals of Francesca front and center. She seems to have a passion and energy that you can clearly has the band energized as well. They open this cd with “ A New Season” that has that crunchy guitar sound and the insane drums that are going to get your attention quickly. Then comes the vocals that seduce you to come into the season with her. You have so many different vocal styles on the opening track, you have the seducing singing and then someone talking to you, and the caressing vocals to compliment the seducing. “ Golden Cage” is next and this song really showcases that the band are clearly inspired to show their depth. It seems that this band has grown and learn to compliment each other more and more.

The guitar in this song let the vocals stand out, but that guitar backdrop is just contagious. You have some dual vocals on here that showcase the band wants to throw everything at us. “ Walk Alone” is our next track and this is a little slow to mid tempo ballad that works for the simple fact that the vocals are so intoxicating. “ Secret Place” is a display of what this band as a unit can do. The guitar, bass and drums really sell this song. This sounds like a secret jam that was put to music and it works. It is songs like this that you know they have played so much with each other that they are comfortable and knows what truly works for them. “ Soul Driven” is a song that I had to mention. This one caught me by surprise. It starts off with this guitar crunch and just goes into this realm of pop metal that works. This shows you the confidence that the lead singer has on her vocal delivery. The rest of this record showcases a band that has grown leaps and bounds and is no longer following anyone but leading. Very diverse and shows that the band are trying to expand their sound and take chances. Heretic’s Dream have created one of the best records of 2016 so far. What a great album by a band that is clearly growing and getting better year to year.

HERETIC’S DREAM “Floating State of Mind”

HERETIC's DREAM "Floating State of Mind"Tracklist
1. Face The Agony
2. Pilgrim
3. Master Your Demons
4. Soul Driven
5. Hide Yourself
6. Momentum
7. Secret Place
8. Walk Alone
9. Golden Cage
10. A New Season






Francesca Di Ventura-Vocals
Andrej Surace- Guitar
Alex Alberti- Keyboards
Alfonso Mocerino-Drums
Emiliano Baccini-Bass

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