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New Music Review: HEART AVAIL “Heart Avail”


Release Date: December 9, 2016

Label: Self-Release – Distribution: Milagro Records

For fans of Evanescence, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil

1. Broken Fairytale (5:49)
2. Vacillation (3:59)
3. Always (7:05)
4. No Remorse (6:16)
5. Pink Lace (5:40)

Review-I wanted to include the press release for this review, for a simple reason. If you are going into this cd and expecting some generic Lacuna Coil or any of the above mentioned bands, you are going to be slightly let down. I can see why the tagging of other bands was done, you have a female lead singer and a sound that could sound like the bands mentioned. When it comes to Aleisha Simpson on this EP, she could be in a class with Sarah Brightman, Kate Bush and Tori Amos before she could be in a pop metal symphonic grouping. This woman has a vocal range that is going to shock people expecting something generic or commercial. Greg Hansom has a guitar tone that just carries the music and respect the vocal delivery. This is a band that went in the studio with a game plan and delivered. They knew how they could get the most out of Aleisha and make her stand out, but yet make her voice seem like an instrument as well.

Danny Bartlett on drums is the wild card to this band. You would assume he is happy hammering in the perimeters laid out for him, but there are moments you feel if the band would just let him go beyond them. The man understands how to make a sound that is progressive yet intense. Mick Barnes on bass has this simple attack but yet the bass tone sounds clean. This EP sounds fresh and energetic. There is a ton of potential and passion displayed. The negative with any EP is that there is never enough music. If this was 2 or 3 songs more. The positives are that the songs are catchy and addictive. The vocal delivery is intoxicating and will pierce into your heart. The musicianship is mature but yet it feels that the realms of a cd is not where they want to be. This sounds like a band that just want to plug in and tear it all down. Great EP that I hope we will see more of this band, and a lead singer that is a dual threat, she has the beauty in her appearance and the strike in her vocal delivery, that may get people talking very fast.

8.5 out of 10

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