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New Music Review: HE IS ME “Drowning Man/Ocean Man”

A New Experience: He Is Me


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For industrial listener, He Is Me is a partnership between Portland based songwriter and musician/producer Casey Braunger and Calgary, AB based songwriter/ vocalist Steve Moore. Braunger began playing bass at age 13. He continued to show interest in learning various types of instruments he could get his hands on. Braunger has performed in punk, metal, blues, industrial, and electronic bands over the years. Steve Moore worked with prog rock/industrial metal duo The Unraveling (vocals, 2009-2015), down tempo electronic project Post Death Soundtrack (vocals and guitar, 2008-present), industrial/ambient duo He Is Me (vocals, 2016-present), and hardcore metal group Inner Surge (the project founder, 2001-2008).

“Drowning Man/Ocean Man” are two meant to be heard as a single piece. Their sound is reminiscent of Joy Division and Tool. The first part, “Drowning Man,” is heavily industrial fused with a string of bass melting effortlessly into the second part, “Ocean Man.” The 2 part song is a reminder of dark beauty manifesting upon the listener bringing them into the fold of a hypnotic experience.

The duo are currently working on their first full length album. In the mean time, for lovers of the darker themed foray, they offer a great listen of what is to come.

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