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Music Review-Flaw-“Divided We Fall”


1 Fed Up (;C4USE22)
2 Do You Remember
3 Fatal Fall
4 Live and Breathe
5 Choices
6 Wipe Away the Dust
7 Bleed Red
8 Let Me Go
9 Heal
10 When You Grieve…
11 My Letter (piano version)

Review-I am not sure if the latest album by Flaw could be seen as a comeback record, as I feel they truly never left the scene. Most radio stations still play music by them on rotation. That song that will make your girlfriend, wife or daughter get teary eyed, want to hold your hand or do the “Hot Topic” headbanging. This new album has a song that is in the vein called “ The Letter” which is meant to make men feel weak in their chest and knees and make women wet in their britches. I am not sure what to make of the band Flaw. I remember their debut came out at a time when all music was nu metal and they would find something geared towards popular airplay. Flaw have put their hearts in this release as most of the songs on this album are emotionally tinged and come across heart-felt. This is clearly one of those cds that it wants the listener to identify with the song immediately and pick apart lyrics that relate to them. The song “ Fatal Fall” is the best example of this formula. We listen to the song and identify immediately that we are flawed and have problems. Songs like “ Let Me Go” on their upcoming tour with Dope will be geared towards kids holding each other acting like they are finger fucking at the prom.

This album has an odd balance of heavy to soft, well slower would be the proper term. This band seems to be going the Papa Roach route of trying to keep their base young, not evolving when their core audience is aging. I will admit the debut album by Flaw had its moments, and this cd has its moments. I just feel that this is not music geared towards anyone over 22. This is not geared towards the soccer mom in the SUV, it is geared towards the kids in the SUV. Flaw has their moments on this record, but I feel I have heard all these moments before and better on past releases. I know people are going to read into this and assume I am saying, “ Flaw sucks”. That is not what I am saying, Flaw is a good band if you are the crowd who accepts them. This record for me is like the last Def Leppard record, it is a band using their formula from yesterday to sell today.I like some of the songs on here, but the majority of the songs I feel I grew out of when Trapt was screaming, “ Headstrong” and Korn could do no wrong.

5 out of 10

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