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New Music Review: ELECTRIC CITIZEN “Higher Time”


REVIEW – Electric Citizen are back with their 60’s knee deep sound drenched in psychedelia and old-fashioned catchy hard rock. If you thought their debut album was a great start, the follow-up shows that the first album was no fluke. Laura Dolan has this odd mixture of Nico meets Siouxsie Sioux. The band clearly know how to not only compliment her talent but to make the listener fall for the catchiness of the groove. Let’s be honest, in this day and age in music more bands seem to want to go back towards the 60’s and 70’s than embrace the current trends, which is for good reason. Music in those times was more than a pretty model face who spewed out that she was ugly or a band that writes silly lyrics for kids at hot topic to chant. Electric Citizen are a band that just flat-out wants to perform, wants to show people what they can offer and try to not change the landscape, but make it a little more fun. The band open with this little stoner rock catchy tune called Evil. As you start to listen to it, you just find yourself captured in its simplicity and commercialized sound. This is truly geared to give people something to grasp onto long after you stop listening. The Bad Company like guitar sound and the captivating vocals make this song a gem. This is what bands like Christian Mistress and Huntress have been trying to convey to their fans in their last releases and failed.

Something that gives people a slice of what you are about that they can relate to and get behind. Laura gives us a vocal delivery that just creates a sensuality and yet a power to go with it. Higher Time is a 40 minute time warp into a band that clearly has so much good going for it. They have a great singer, fine riffs and songs that are both catchy and create these showcases for the band to win you over. This is a band who put more effort into writing songs than most bands put into playing live. I am pretty sure if I send this review to Grace Slick she would assume this is one of the Jefferson Airplane’s lost records. With such a huge number of female women who seem to want to relive the hippie music era, it is such a blast to find a woman who really seem very passionate about the substance more than the style. Songs like Misery Keeper and Golden Mean would not feel lost on classic rock radio or modern metal radio. The debut album was so no fluke, and this record is proof that this band is going to be something very big, very soon. I would say right now if you are in the mood for a little smoke or partaking in the booze, this would be a good record to have for your mindset. What an addictive drug this record is, and the ironic part, this band is only two records in. I am dying to see what they can pull out of the next album.


51Tqy3Brn4L._SS280Track Listing:
1. Evil
2. Social Phobia
3. Misery Keeper
4. Devils in Passing Time
5. Golden Mean
6. Higher Time
7. Ghost of Me
8. Natural Law
9. Crux
10. Two Hearted Woman

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