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New Music Review: THE DOLLYROTS “Whiplash Splash”

Kelly Ogden—lead vocals, bass
Luis Cabezas—vocals, guitar

1. I Do
2. Babbling Idiot
3. Mermaid
4. Just Because I’m Blonde
5. Squeeze Me
6. This Addiction
7. Dance Like a Maniac
8. City Of Angels
9. Saturday Morning
10. Jump Start This Heart
11. Pack Of Smokes
12. Other Trucker
13. Walking on Sunshine

Review- The Dollyrots blend of infectious pop punk has never seen a brighter sunshine, than on their sixth studio album. This is a band that I feel have been fighting it out for so long to get noticed, and while they have a loyal fanbase, the mainstream seems to look towards more commercially accessible bands. The Dollyrots have yet to cater to mainstream or modern rock radio, which I feel is in their favor. This album I feel could make the mainstream and modern rock cater to them. This album seems like a full circle journey that sees the band throwing everything at the listener with the kitchen sink hurled at your eardrums. The cover of “ Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves seems like the perfect ending to this cd. This is more of a soundtrack to a John Waters 80’s film more than a modern day album. Each song sounds like a soundtrack to the moment, it defines everything going on at that one minute. Kelly’s vocals are gleeful and also pure. She sings from the heart, and her lyrics reveal her. You feel the excitement off every note this band displays. This is a band that are just so happy to be playing music.

If you know the history of the band, you will remember when they started out very raw and seemed like they were trying to fit in more than stand out. This album is the complete opposite, they are standing out when it feels others are trying to fit into what this band is delivering. “ I Do” is an anthem with some bark and bite, that the fans are going to be all over. It gets this band to the forefront and showcases why they should be more talked about. This album is a statement from a band that has made a history of making people excited and expecting this band to just break huge. Hopefully, this is that album that makes them the household name they have been so desperately deserving.

9 out of 10

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