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New Music Review: DIMLIGHT “The Lost Chapters”

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REVIEW: Dimlight are one of those bands that I feel has yet to get their fair due. Their third release should be the one that I hope, finally gets them out to the masses. This is another band that if you label them, you truly are not paying attention. They have so many layers to their attack. They have the death metal vibe with the goth element thrown in. They have the symphonic tone but with insanity painting the walls of the sonic halls in your eardrums. It seems that the vocal delivery this time leaves my heart yearning for the beauty while the music strikes me so over-the-top that showcase a band that really has grown and come into their own. This is a band that understand there has to be a balance and they provide it with the lush keyboards that we get, while the vocals of the female just crushes your heart and then you get the male counterpart who rips your heart out. This band has a slow yet effective pounding attack. This is a band though, that I feel can only go so far with this sound. While Dimlight, for new listeners will be a good sound. For people who are familiar with the band, you always want to see them spread their wings a little more. I am not saying this record is bad, I am just feeling at this stage that we need “ The Dimlight album”. What we got instead is “ A Dimlight album”.

This is a band that I feel while they are talented and put out good music, are in search of their identity. I will say “ The Inception” is a good track that sets this journey”. Then we get “ Spawn of Nemesis” . This is classic Dimlight with the drumming from hell and the band keeping the goth flag flying with a band that knows how to compliment the sound and genre. As the cd goes forward, there is not a bad song. This cd flows very well and will keep the listener happy for the most part. Again I will harp on this. This band needs to grow and test new waters. I could write the whole review on how the lead singer has a vocal delivery that would make any person fall in love. I could write a whole review on the male counterpart who will rip your soul out with his teeth and piss in your eardrums while you smile gleefully. I could write a review on the band itself who really are great players. This is a band that understand what they want to delivery and they do it. I just feel at this point, I want the band to show us what else they have to offer. This record could be seen as the Metallica Black Album to people who love this band. It is the band sticking to their guns and giving their fans what they expect. What happens when the fans expect something different? That being said, this band at their absolute worst is better than 90 percent of the bands today at their absolute best.

DIMLIGHT “The Lost Chapters”

DIMLIGHT "The Lost Chapters"

Track List:
1. The Inception 1:06
2. Spawn of Nemesis 3:50
3. Shattered Idols 4:57
4. Invoking the Hunter 4:30
5. Dark Things of the Desert 0:37
6. Children of Perdition 4:59
7. Torrents of Blood 4:36
8. Fear the Heavens 4:15
9. Clash of Immortals 5:39
10. Fields of Carnage 6:39



Eva: Vocals
Invoker: Guitars & Vocals
Nick: Guitars
Darien: Orchestra
Jim: Drums

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