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New Music Review: DETENTE “Recognize No Authority [Reissue]”

1. Losers
2. Russian Roulette
3. It’S Your Fate
4. Holy War
5. Catalepsy
6. Shattered Illusions
7. Life Is Pain
8. Blood I Bleed
9. Widows Walk
10. Vultures In The Sky
11. The Human Condition 2016
12. Holy War 1984
13. Widows Walk 1984
14. Shattered Illusions
15. Vultures In The Sky
16. Catalepsy 2010

Review-When Dawn Crosby died in 1996, the world lost a talented singer. Dawn’s style and passion opened the doors for the Karyn Crisis,Candace Kucsulain and countless other females still tearing up the stages today. It seemed that Detente would be the foot in the door that Crosby and also Ross Robison would need to go to bigger pools. With Ross being the “ super producer” during the nu-metal age, and Dawn fronting Fear of God. Fear of God had the honor or dishonor of being swept up by Warner Brothers, when they were buying all these bands who they had no clue on how to market, just to have a full roster. Detente formed in 1984, they found a producer in Dana Strum (yes, that Dana Strum) and put out their first and only album with this lineup in 1986. I will admit, I did not find out about this band till after I saw the video on MTV for Emily by Fear of God. Dawn Crosby is to me, the Janis Joplin of metal. Detente was her outlet to let out her frantic punk fueled metal. This album is clearly the Crosby show. Her vocals lure you in with this insane manic delivery she has. The amazing thing is the growth this woman had from this album to the Within the Veil album by Fear of God.

On this album, she is screaming and just attacking the music in a way that seems more violent than sexy. She breaks the gender wall down almost immediately. The riffs on this album are monsters. The shredding is very well done and the head will bang plenty as the tracks go forward. The slower songs on this album, are the weak points. This band just does not operate well on mid tempo or low. This is a band that wants to rip your face off, to slow that down is a huge no. The inside of the cd, are some pictures to celebrate the 30th anniversary along with some notes from band members. Dawn Crosby would have been so happy to be here today talking about the impact this album had on her life and how she feels it changed music. If you are a fan of Crosby, it is worth the purchase just for how personalized this cd is in the packaging. It is touching and a fan love letter from the band. The music is good, I love the majority of the songs. I loved the two full length Fear of God albums. This is a must buy for the fans.

8 out of 10

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