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New Music Review: DETENTE “Decline”


Tiina Teal – Vocals
Caleb Quinn – Guitars
Steve Hochheiser – Bass
Dennis Butler – Drums

In God We Trust
Kill Rush
Degradation Machine
This Is Not Freedom
Blood I Bleed
Kill the Voice (Demo)
Play God
Ashes to Ashes

Review-Could Dawn Crosby ever be replaced? That is the question that has haunted Detente fans. The band tried with Ann Boleyn of Hellion. A year later, they tried again with Tiina Teal. Where the band always seemed to have this underground punk thrash vibe, their first album with Teal seems to be a straight-forward metal assault. I think if this band had any other name, this album would have been such a bigger deal. Teal has a style that complemented what Crosby did with Fear of God, a very experimental intense delivery . This is a woman who knows how to get noticed, she just screams to this blistering paced soundtrack. The guitar work on this solo is sick and intense. The bass lines on “ Kill Rush” and “ Predator” are insane. The opening track of “ In God We Trust” clearly shows that the band was going for a modern style.

That being said, Teal’s voice won me over. She dives head first into this mosh pit and tears it down. In her eyes and this cd, she is not a replacement, she is the owner of this place. That is why, I wish this band had any other name. To focus on the legacy of an Ann Boleyn or Dawn Crosby is not fair to such an ambitious intense woman. This record could go down as one of the ten best and most underrated thrash classics of the last decade. If you are a fan of Detente, I have to say this album while the vocalist changed, the spirit and passion is all over this album. The biggest negative to this album, is that I am not sure what happened to Teal after this album. She has a vocal style that deserves to be heard. If you are into a good thrash album, this album has so much damage. This is a mosh pit masturbation ready to split your eardrums. The playing is tight, the vocals are complimented by the attack of the band. This album is packed with so many awesome songs, how is this album not discussed more today? Dawn would have been so proud of this one.

10 out of 10

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