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New Music Review: DAWN OF ASHES “Theophany”


1 Rise of the Ancient East
2 Tribe of Chemosh
3 Equilibrium
4 Still Born Defect (The New Breed)
5 Malleus Maleficarum (The Hammer of Witches)
6 Fire of the Phoenix
7 Bleeding Perfection
8 Enter the Vortex
9 Valhalla
10 Last

Review-I will be honest, I knew of Dawn of Ashes but maybe heard one or two songs before this record. For me, the industrial black metal scene I am on the fence about. While I like industrial metal like Aborym and old school stuff like Violent New Breed-Shotgun Messiah, the industrial scene for me is bands like Ministry, Skinny Puppy and Pigface. Now with this being said, I really like this new Dawn of Ashes record and may want to see what else this scene is kicking out. This album sounds important, like a band who want to make a statement as hard as it can. The sound comes across as drug fueled obnoxious mixed with a darkened massive heavy. This is not the feel good album you should listen to when life kicks you in the balls or hole. Much of the music on here is heavy as all fuck, dark as a trip into a crack house at 3am with no flashlight and just so aggressively violent. Equilibrium is so damn aggressive but yet catchy. This record sounds like if Type O Negative got mixed in with Cradle of Filth. Those chugging guitars and sick synthesizers just are so bold and make such a command of the song that you are blown away by this band just tearing you apart from every direction with this heavy sound. From first song to last there really is no filler to this record. I am won over, from the tempos going up and down to this band just sounding like they have something to really say, and they make their message pretty fucking loud and clear. This is a band that I may want to go back and listen to some more, I was wrong about. I am glad this record made me see the errors in my way. This is a very good record, that if you love metal and love when bands change it up, you will certainly dig this record.

8.5 out of 10

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