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New Music Review: DANIEL JOHNS “Talk”


Review-When people hear the name Daniel Johns, they immediately think of Silverchair. Like most people, Frogstomp was such a great album that showcased the talents of three young guys who seemed ready to conquer. Like most bands, Silverchair came out with a follow up that did not live up to its debut’s success. Each release after, sold less than it’s predecessor. Each record seemed to showcase the band growing and wanting to go in many different directions, some fans were on board for it, while most mainstream fans fell off the bandwagon. You had to see Johns wanting to take the band on more ambitious directions to bury the grunge moniker that the band seemed to be stuck in. Daniel Johns career can be seen as a young man who I feel found success too soon, and did not know how to handle what would eventually come with it. Talk I feel can be seen as a new beginning for him, and he is hoping people accept this with an open mind and arms. He has a line that basically says, “ I am not who you thought I was”. That is the odd thing to Daniel, I am not sure who I thought he was. At one time, he was the next “ Cobain” and now he is the next “ Justin Timberlake”? I get he is a fan of music and wants to explore the spectrum, but this is a daring and bold move. It is more like the struggle Jani Lane had. He did not want to be known as the “ Cherry Pie” singer. He felt that no matter what he put out that he did not have respect and people viewed him more from his past.

Daniel Johns seems to be in the same predicament. As you listen to the songs on this cd, he is trying to tell everyone he is not that person we remember, but this person. Gone is the melodic catchy choruses and grunge like screams, in its place is a unrecognized crooning. He has teamed up with producer Joel Little who was behind Lorde to their success. The same pop dynamic that Lorde had, Daniel tries to convey in tracks like Aerial Love and Too Many. This cd at 15 tracks is a little too much, it is clear that Daniel wanted to throw everything at us including the proverbial sink. Daniel to me seems lost and not focused on this record, there are some catchy songs here and there but as a whole, this cd seems a little too desperate to try and win us over in one swoop. I feel if this cd does not sell, we will see Daniel back with his guitar and putting it all back in his past band. I am not sure if he is trying to jump on the bandwagon or he is serious. I would assume his history will still exist if this cd sells one copy or two million, and he has to look in the mirror at the end of the day with himself. This cd I just feel is not what is in his heart right now, and he just wanted to try something to kill his past. I feel Silverchair fans are going to be flat out shocked, and I am not sure if that is going to be in a good way. This cd has some moments here and there, but as a whole I would say skip it. This is just a cruel bad joke.


1 Aerial Love
2 We Are Golden
3 By Your Side
4 Preach
5 Too Many
6 Cool On Fire
7 Imagination
8 Dissolve
9 Chained
10 Sleepwalker 3:39
11 Faithless
12 Warm Hands
13 Going On 16
14 New York
15 Good Luck 3:42

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