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New Music Review: THE DAMNIT JIMS “Just Punk Enough”


Stan Gibbs
Rich Castro
Andy Harrison
Brad Morgan

Review-Las Vegas has a punk scene right now, that is very much worth bragging about. Where the music scenes in most areas is feeling the crunch of these trying times. It seems that Vegas is being fueled by inspiration and cheap beer. At the center of this renaissance of sorts is Squidhat Records. Their slogan is that “ because music does not have to suck”. Quite the bold statement, unless you can back it up. It seems that from the females to the males, and then a combination of both, that Squidhat Records has put a stamp on the punk scene. The second release from The Damnit Jims, is that record that could showcase that punk is starting to morph into other directions. This is clearly inspired by Mike Ness at certain times. That being said, you could clearly point to alternative rock bands as well like a Cobain or a Grohl to find inspiration in this sound. This four piece embody what a musician is all about. They have the attitude that punk can take credit for. They also have this style and passion that just oozes out the speakers. (or earbuds, whatever you choose to play music thru) This is catchy, sing-along music that is for all to enjoy and have a good time with. The songs though as catchy as they are, sure do pack quite the punch.

At times, this record does sound a little formulaic, but sometimes familiarity is a good thing. The album blows out the windows for “ Pyramids”. This song is for those to kick up some dust and jump in the mosh pit. The drummer on this song has a tempo that is both scary and also pissed off. The guitars and bass, know how to compliment the singer and the style. This record does wink its’ eyes at the listener as it has some dark sarcasm in the lyrics at times. This is a band who is clearly taking over the scene. This record just has the spirit of going to a party. Kicking in the front door, pissing in the punch bowl and stealing the pretty people to go drop acid. “ My Baby’s Away” and “ “Labyrinth of Capitalism” shows that punk is growing up, but still pays homage to the roots. This is such a perfect album to showcase what a label is capable of putting out, and what is in the Nevada water. This is flat out balls to the ceiling catchy fun obnoxious punk. “ Anxiety” is sure to get the joint destroyed by fans slamming each other into a frenzy of beer, piss and failed romance. I am supposed to point out the songs that I feel are recommended, but I will say this, if you listen to this whole record, there is not one bad second. Get some whisky and get on the floor and rock out. To quote the band, ” times like these, we clearly will not forget”.

9 out of 10

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