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New Music Review: COUSCOUS “Tales”


REVIEW – If you ever wanted to know Aimee Mann would sound like if she was the lead singer of The Dresden Dolls, look no further. Pop duo CousCous are that rare pop band that I feel people who listen to music like A Fine Frenzy and Florence and the Machine will be in a cinematic pop music orgasm. The music is done acoustically with a piano played by Moritz T. Ebinger. The vocals are done by Tine Schulz and she really romances each note for all its worth. This is the kind of CD, you can play on a road trip and when you listen to the CD again later in life, you will remember that road trip and what happened by each song and just reminisce in that bliss. The lyrics are well thought out and come across as a magical poetry of emotions that we are part of and feel by each passing lyric. This is clearly a band that is not caring about popularity or where the musical landscape is currently at, they want to just play and showcase who they are. Each song on this record is just flat-out amazing, and would even make a Tori Amos or Kate Bush smile. This is a very good record, that I found myself just in this daydream of emotional soup that made me smile at times and at others I felt tears because it is just so amazing what this record pulls off in terms of just simplicity and delivery. This is definitely a CD to have a date with. Take someone out, hold their hand and have this play as your backdrop. They clearly do not make music like this anymore, and sadly enough I wish they did. What a good record. Seek this record out.


CousCous "Tales"




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