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New Music Review: COLOR YOU “The Grand Trine”

COLOR YOU "The Grand Trine"


REVIEW –¬†COLOR YOU is a 4 piece alternative rock band with roots from Northern Alabama and Southern California. The band currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. The group was formed in 2013: Ben Ross (lead vocals/guitar keys), Brian Han (vocals/bass), Theodor Eckhardt (vocals/guitar), and Drew Stutz (drums). The band released The Grand Trine embracing alternative, psychedelic and punk styles all into one album.
The title track “The Grand Trine” begins with an announcer going into a countdown. The announcer makes the listener feel like they are getting ready for take off. The first song segues into the next song “In Tune” for a bouncy and warming feel.

“Empty” is a reminder of what the Smashing Pumpkins sounded like in the 1990s bringing back the alternative rock era. This is a danceable tune that the listener can bop their head up and down to all the way through. “Shine Through” starts off slow and melodic drawing the listener into the laid back warmth that expels from throughout the song.

“Same Old Story” kicks off with a Modest Mouse feel in their delivery. The singer expresses there is no need to worry about the past but to embrace the present. “Lady In Blue” embarks on a fun, engaging element in the album with nostalgic sounds of the grunge era. “Savior” is a throwback to Nirvana with the guitar riffs in the beginning with the singer pondering if the world can continue in it current state.

The closing track “Again Again” reflects a folk feel bringing the album to a calming close. COLOR YOU¬†presents a unique album that works well in so many ways and will be great to hear live.

COLOR YOU “The Grand Trine”

COLOR YOU "The Grand Trine"

Track Listing:
1. The Grand Trine 01:09
2. In Tune 03:20
3. Empty 03:38
4. Shine Through 04:45
5. Same Old Story 03:42
6. Lady In Blue 03:04
7. Savior 04:13
8. Again Again 04:54



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