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New Music Review: CANDLEBOX “Disappearing in Airports”

CANDLEBOX "Disappearing at Airports"


REVIEW – Candlebox is one of those bands that I feel never really had a fair shake from both critics and fans. The self-titled debut album came out in 1993, when at the time grunge was all over the scene. People were so quick to label them as a “ Grunge wannabe act”. Modern radio took to their songs and the band had a tour with Rush that showcased that they were more than some silly moniker. The band live showcased a passion and fire that showed me that this band was serious and were not a clone, but they were their own voice. As most bands in this era, the debut sells right out the box and establishes them overnight. MTV and College Radio both have their shiny boners on the moment. The follow up record Lucy comes out. People bitched that it was “underproduced”, others bitched that i”t was not catchy or sellable”. Those idiots missed out on a great follow up. I feel songs like Simple Lessons were up to par with You, Change and Far Behind. While the sales were not what they were once were, the band went back to the studio for Happy Pills. I will be honest, as great as the two records were before it, Happy Pills was such a loud and bold statement on a band that I feel people pigeonholed early and was more ready to embrace the debut and not discover what came next. Much like Blind Melon, people feel that if modern college radio or MTV did not pick up on it, it could not be worth anything. Happy Pills I can honestly say is their best album till now.

Candlebox have returned with not only a music that celebrates its history and place in music, but also another example of how experimental the band truly is. I’ve Got a Gun is a heavy and angry little song that you can tell Candlebox still can deliver on that guitar sound with Kevin Martin’s incredible vocal range. The cd opens though with Only Because of You which is such a good little alternative acoustic based bluesy rocker song that is going to get fans excited with that guitar sound and Kevin showcasing his passion and heart in the way he comes across. The lyrics on this record are really creative and smart but also very thoughtful and heartfelt. This record showcases not a band who has been around for 23 years looking for a crowd and identity, but a band who is so passionate and ready to just change the music scene with its sound. This record is really a buffet of flavors we go from acoustic to alternative to hard rock, and each time we get a band who sound is very tight and experimental but yet respectful of the ones who have been on this journey with them. I feel if the band did not hit its mark early, but got a following building record to record, this cd would be in every top ten list of 2016 as well as the big musical comeback record of this year. I feel if people were fair, and just threw away the past and embraced today, they would find this record to be something to really get behind. This is what Candlebox does best. What a great record by a band that has a whole catalogue full of great albums. Highly Recommended.

CANDLEBOX “Disappearing in Airports”

81jD04uW6zL._SL1500_-1Track Listing:
1. Only Because of You
2. Vexatious
3. Supernova
4. Alive at Last
5. I’ve Got a Gun
6. I Want It Back
7. The Bridge
8. Spotlights
9. Crazy
10. Gods Gift
11. Keep on Waiting

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