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New Music Review: BURN THE OCEAN “Come Clean”


REVIEW – The biggest negative about this record is that I just found out about it. I grew up in the age of when you went to a record store and bought that record, you just had to have. You rush home as fast as you can and get all gleeful opening up the wrapping. Then, you sit back and just let the journey begin as the needle caresses the album. Burn the Ocean’s record “Come Clean” is not a collection of songs, it is an event. An event of listening to sounds and a singer who are going to take me on a journey that when I get back from it, I will beg them to take me back again. If Ingre Lorre wanted to launch The Nymphs today on Sub Pop records, I have a feeling this is what it would sound like. Or better yet, if Soundgarden wanted to have Kim Gordon sing for them. This album sounds like when grunge was on top of the music world. Where people are praising people like Courtney Barnett and Wolf Alice. I feel this is another band that should be in the same breath. The tracks are full of verses you would expect from the grunge era with choruses that hit you right in the forehead with a solid punch. If you are into “Louder than Love” era Soundgarden. The opening track “Days of November” could be the song to get your attention right off the bat. The musical landscapes have been yielded to this sonic attack that just warrant you take a step back and pick your jaw off the ground.

I feel this record is what Babes in Toyland and Hole were both shooting for. The melodies are full of soul and heart, while the riffs are just crunchy and heavy. This is a band who understand what the fans wanted out of grunge and deliver it. This album is both clever and inspiring. You can really hear the passion this band plays with. The production of this record is outstanding and Butch Vig would take notes. The bass playing on this record has so much depth and is just insanely inspiring. The guitar sound is multi layered and will have you air guitaring. If 120 Minutes existed today, this band would be on rapid replay. This is what college modern radio has been missing for over 20 years. While the scene is dead and most bands are a shell of themselves. This is a band that clearly got the message and deliver a very powerful album that hopefully will inspire the bands of yesteryear to stop living off their past and paint a new future.



Track List:
1. Days In November
2. The Seed
3. Land of Mud
4. Feast
5. Bitedown
6. Black Dog
7. Gone Away





Emanuele ‘Shuster’ Pecollo – Guitars, Vocals
Fabio Palombi – Guitars, Vocals
Davide Di Maggio – Drums
Valentina Di Maggio – Bass

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