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New Music Review: .BIPOLAR. “Seven”

Chris Kmit “Bass”
Brian Hanks “Drums”
Jaisen Hinds & Kevin Lemus “Guitars”
Charlie “Vocals”

1. Ernest

2. Pyrite

3. Habitual

4. Overnighter

Review-Charlie is not someone you want to fuck around with. This woman sings like she is summoning the fury of a hell that is going to fuck your world up. I think the comparisons to Otep or Tairrie B is going to likely. I hate to use the word “ unique” in this, because it is such a cliched term and this band does not have one cliche. The opening track on this EP, goes from melody to screaming insanity. The band provide such a mood that you really never know where the song is heading. I am pretty sure, this whole album had no direction upfront and they just got in the studio and let it flow. That unpredictability is going to keep a listener guessing all thru these four tracks. “Seven” is the perfect little appetizer of a band that has so much potential. “Overnighter” is a song that I am dying to see how they can pull that off nightly. You want a vocalist who is hard to grasp where she wants the musical direction of a band to head, listen to this track first. She displays clean vocals, soothing vocals, and then some pissed off vocals. This could be a hint at what would happen if she asked you to do something and you said no. This woman can scream like she is burning. She does it with such conviction, that you are either in fear that she is coming to grab you by the balls or that she is going to kill a family member of yours when you are asleep. (My advice to people who see this band live, you better let her come up to you.) Every song on this EP showcases a different style, and the range goes from hardcore to mid-tempo metal.

This is a band who clearly understand the insane powerhouse they have of a vocalist. They compliment her and have the perfect timing and can deliver on a dime to keep up with their singer. I can forgive the band for trying to figure out their identity on certain songs like “ Ernest” and “Overnighter”. The biggest negative is, that this band seems to be all riding on their lead singer. She is the only thing that sticks out. Which means, if you do not like the vocals, there is not much else that can win you over. Which, you would hope that certain instruments would also find an identity in the tracks. You can tell the lead singer is hungry and wants people to notice her. She does a great job at putting her vocals out there and saying, “ I am here”. The rest of the band play good but they are also coloring inside the lines. They understand their lead singer and compliment her, but I feel they should be also wanting to showcase what they can do as well. All gripes aside, this EP is very intense and if you are into the female vocalist who become screamers, this woman can scream like she is Satan herself. The band has been around for a little bit, and deserve a break. So, give the cd a shot if you are into anything mentioned in this review.

8 out of 10

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