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New Music Review: AZREAL “Premonition”

1. The Offering
2. Fall to Pieces
3. The Wait
4. Premonition
5. Cease to Be
6. Surveying the Fearful
7. Rot
8. Victim
9. Vena Cava
10. Kill Your Fears
11. Dirt Asylum
12. Ghosts

Scott Campbell Bass
Luke Hosking Vocals
Andrew “Jimmy” Glinster Guitars
Chris Dennis Drums

Review-There is nothing more exciting as a music fan than hearing some young hungry metal band just devour your eardrums. This band comes out the gates in a obnoxious fury wanting to beat the fuck out of anything in their way.” Fall to Pieces” is just set on crush and annihilate. This is not the music for a mosh pit, this is the soundtrack to incite a fucking riot. You can tell Luke’s singing was inspired by both Phil Anselmo and Randy of Lamb of God. To Luke’s credit though, he adds his own little touches to make it sound fresh and far from a copy, as the cd goes forward he does experiment. I have complained in my last few reviews about bands who seem to follow the lead singer and have zero identity. This band does not shy away from every musician showcasing each minute what they can bring to the table. This band have the groove metal notebook and studied it very well. The songs are violent but yet catchy. As the cd goes on, you can see the band also has a maturity to them as well. The easiest way to break down this cd is like an album. Your first side is pretty straight-forward metal.

The flip side of the album is more experimental. This was the side that I feel that impressed me more. For anyone who listens to one song by this band and thinks they know this band. This band has so many different levels and personalities. Very few young bands are so daring as to challenge both themselves and a potential fan base by wanting to be open minded about what they want to put on record. This band would have been perfect for MTV’s Headbangers Ball. Thus, here we are in 2017. We have this group that put out a great album and building fans each show. I would think playing live and being around each other so long is only a positive, if their mindset is to get back in the studio. This album is a very unexpected surprise. The instrumental for “ Vena Cava” is so out there and unique. I am not sure how to describe how daring and brave it feels on this record. This is a catchy infectious band that I have to admit, this cd should be talked about way more than it is. This band is something so fucking special.

9 out of 10

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