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Music Review-Anion-Fractions of Failure




God’s Day Off


Old Wounds


The Widower


Work Ethic

Review-I have to start this review off with the simple selling point, this cd scared the fucking hell out of me. Anion are sludge metal at its most grimy, sadistic and hard hitting. This is clearly a band who is not out to make an impact, they are out to destroy and take over. The riffs and vocals on this EP are just hardcore to the bone and you feel that in moments you are not sure whether to rock out to them or lock the door and hope they are not coming to get to beat you senseless. This band falls into a category of Abigail Williams and Goatwhore, just unapologetic hate metal. Just venom dripping down the guitar, bass and drums of the lead singer who is just so intense. I am not sure if we can label this cd into a genre and I know I said this a billion times but if Gene Simmons thinks metal and hard rock are dead, I dare him to tell Anion that in their face. They seem to think that not only the scene is alive but it up for the taking. Just intense riffs over intense hammering of drums and a vocalist that does not know his own power. This is music to shit blood to. It is like the apocalypse is upon us and the walls of hell have fallen down to contemporary music and corporate metal, and in its place is the grimy swamp fucking of Anion. I did not know anything about this band before this EP but holy fuck, I am a fan now. This is hammer and blistering, but also well thought out and created. This is the EP that could get eyes and critics to look this way at this band. What a great little EP that barely goes 13 minutes, but packs 40 punches and 100 hits. This is the storm, music fans the calm is over.

10 out of 10

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