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New Music Review: ANGELSPIT ” Cult of Fake”


REVIEW – I discovered this band almost by accident. I was in a club and they were playing the song “100%”. I remember asking the DJ what cd she was playing, and she said “ hold on for a second, I will just give it to you”. What caught me was how smart the lyrics were, and this intoxicated beat with a female speaking to me in a voice that invites me to find out about some “chemical side effect”. I will admit I was a fan of this band and when I found out Amelia Arsenic (Destroyx) left, it was like living in the dark and someone wanting you to run for the sun. When I heard that Zoog was putting out a new album, I was curious as to what he was up to. The sixth full length record by Angelspit is as energetic and passionate as it was before. I will be honest, Destroyx is missed, but the lyrics are still smart and the dance floor is still under terror from the beats and sounds of this record. It is clearly the vision of this band to move forward but to give fans sparkles of their past to keep them happy. Lyrically, this is one of the best bands in that department. From their black hearted commentary to their dark humor, this band has put some of the most interesting lyrics out there. I mean if someone is screaming to you, “ if you like it, lick it”, you get the gist of what this band is trying to sell you.

“Cult of Fake” is a very brave album and also showcases a fresh and more modern sound. Some may point at Tim Skold and old Pigface as inspirations for this album. The beats and dirty synth bass are in full force on tracks like the title track, “ Out for Blood” and others. This album has the standard sing-a-long lyrics that this band is all about, while also showcasing that they have grown since the last album.. In a year of bands trying to change for commercial appeal, it is good to see that Angelspit just keep going the path that they started many years ago. This record has such a great balance of industrial punk dance-able moments that are drenched in this attitude of pure fuck you. If you miss the day of Invisible Records, and bands like Skinny Puppy and Meat Beat Manifesto, you will dig this record a ton. While the band had to rebuild in the last few years, this record show that this band is not ready to throw the white flag, instead they wave the middle finger. I thought this band when they lost members would lose something, they clearly did not get that memo. They did not lose a step, this record is fun, the lyrics are pure “Angelspit” and the sound is proof that music is a vehicle for us to enjoy and have fun. Who says music, much like life has to always be so serious? Sometimes it is just cool to know that we are not alone, get fucked up and dance around like the world bows to us. This is the soundtrack to your best days. Pick this record up.

ANGELSPIT “Cult of Fake”


Track Listing:

1. Thanks For Your Cooperation 03:57
2. Eat Volts 03:35
3. Cult Of Fake 03:40
4. New Devil 02:54
5. I Am Trouble 03:44
6. Breath 04:17
7. Out For Blood 03:53
8. Happy Murderland 03:54
9. Sky High 03:14
10. On The List (She’s Not) 03:56
11. Disaster Porn 03:19
12. My Little Blade 03:42


Zoog Von Rock – vocals, programming
George Bikos – guitars

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