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New Music Review: ANGELSEED “Crimson Dyed Abyss”

ANGELSEED "Crimson Dyed Abyss"

REVIEW – When you think of where the next wave of metal bands are emerging from. How many of you put Croatia on your music map? Much like what Finland has been putting out in the last few years. It looks like Angel Seed are ready to showcase that great music can come from anywhere. Angel Seed are a band that has a musical attack that can come from any direction. You have a band that deliver the deadly strike, then the lead vocalist whose beautiful vocals take the poison of the strike and hits you in your heart. This band is like a chemical side effect with this atmospheric intro that hits our veins like a junkie on the needle of the album. Then you have Mikkel Pedersen who gives this song such an aggressive push that, you do not see coming but you are along for the ride. If you need a reason to know why this band should be huge by the time you read this. Look no further than the track, “ Dancing with the Ghosts”. This is a band that is going to win you over very fast. This song has such a chorus that will damn your ears to crave it over and over. The song is just the definition of what is missing in music. This is coming from a young band. When in reality, we expect the bands that we have grown in the years and decades to love to give us. The music has such a versatility to it, that the symphonic flavor that we get is just so welcomed. That is where my problem lies. When you say, “ symphonic” and “ female singer”, this is not what we are expecting. We are expecting some copy band who are going to rely on looks of their female to get them over.

Christopher Amott from Arch Enemy lends a guitar solo to “Forever Blind”. The biggest positive is that the band knows how to compliment Ivana and her vocal delivery. Is there any band on this label that stay faithful to their genre? This band just goes all over the map with insanity. “ Schizohead” is an orgasm of sound that just is so thrilling and jaw dropping. “ Soulcollector” sounds like what you would expect from Alice Glass smoking a ton of weed in the studio. This is a band that sounds like they put a lifetime into this record. Which each moment carefully planned and thought out. This cd is intoxicating while very dementedly epic. This is not a band who is not going to throw their lead singer out in the open and want all the guys to follow the band for her looks. This is a band that is going to hit you hard in your eardrums and Ivana is going to steal your soul while you headbang. If you think metal is dead. Someone needs to email the Croatians. They are coming to take over the landscape very quick. This is not a collection of songs. This is a very loud statement. Trust me, I am listening. This is a must listen and if you are a metal fan, a must own. The map of metal has been altered forever.

ANGELSEED “Crimson Dyed Abyss”

ANGELSEED "Crimson Dyed Abyss"

Track List:
1. Bloodfield 4:58
2. Dancing With the Ghosts 5:13
3. Man With Black Roses 5:43
4. Forever Blind 5:33
5. Leaving All Behind 5:06
6. Fallen Angel 6:04
7. Schizo-head 5:04
8. Dreamer / Breaking Dawn 6:23
9. Soulcollector 5:48
10. The Healer 5:40
11. Now 5:25


JURICA BAŽANT – keyboards
JURAJ BIRIN – guitar

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