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New Music Review: ANGEL OLSEN “My Woman”


1 Intern
2 Never Be Mine
3 Shut Up Kiss Me
4 Give It Up
5 Not Gonna Kill You
6 Heart Shaped Face
7 Sister
8 Those Were the Days
9 Woman
10 Pops

Review-I can remember when the release of a record was a major deal. When you put that album, cd or cassette in your player and you felt an artist was speaking directly to you. Angel Olsen to me is an artist who understands that concept. When this Asheville-based musician puts out a cd, it has become known as an event. 2014’s “Burn Your Fire for No Witness”, is the album P.J. Harvey has struggled to come up with for many moons. Olsen is an artist who is very diverse and almost embraces change to her style. “ My Woman” represents where Olsen is currently at in her life musically. Olsen seems very content with getting both fans and critics guessing at what she can pull out of her For people expecting Olsen to be playing it safe, are going to get a shock upon listening to the opening track “ Intern”. This is the equivalent of Mazzy Star’s next cd being influenced by 80’s pop. The shock to the song is that she breaks out the synth in this vintage yet unique song. Olsen seems to give many nods to the past. From the songwriting to the change of pace the songs come across as. Angel Olsen, if anything else is very daring yet beautifully confident in what she can do as both a musician and vocalist.

Early on, I brought up a Hope reference, when talking about her band Mazzy Star. It seems that Hope’s vocals seem to have inspired Olsen to explore this side of herself. Songs like “ Heart Shape Face” and “ Not Gonna Kill You”. showcase an artist who is really showing the fans an inside look into her life. Clearly, most of this music was written in times of heartache and confusion. The emotion that comes from this album, shows us that if anything else Olsen is not afraid to show fans and critics what is inside of her. Where with “ Burn Your Fire For No Witness” dealt in loneliness and the darkness of the mind alone. This album showcases a pain, and a desperate feeling of wanting desperately. While, “ Burn Your Fire” was a very strong album and powerful. “ My Woman” has an important message to people, which is never stop being who you are, no matter what kind of change you have to make. Angel has found a great evolution in her sound with an album that I feel could get her out of indieville and to be a bigger deal. Angel Olsen is that artist, that once you listen to her sing, you will never want to stop.

9 out of 10

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