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Movie Review-Terminator Genisys


Review-Did we really need another Terminator film? To be completely honest, did we need another Terminator film after the flop of part 3? How much did they pay James Cameron to endorse this film? Did he even watch the whole film? This film takes everything I loved about the first two films and completely damns them with such glee. In August 1997, Skynet introduced worldwide destruction across the globe. Judgement Day happened and took out three billion people who if they were the idiots who bought first day tickets to this film wish they were part of that instead. We had the survivors who are led by John Connor who decides in 2029 to send back Kyle Reese to the year 1984 to protect his mom Sarah Connor. Why would she need protecting you may ask if you never seen a film in your life. Well, there is some evil Terminators out to get her, but there is also the PG-13 Arnold Terminator who is just a darn good Terminator. Where do I even begin with this nonsense? Hollywood saw dollar signs and thought “let’s throw together this film and put Arnold in it, give it a family friendly rating and get that crowd”. The fun, humor and passion of past Terminator films is gone and in its place is overacting, underwhelming effects and storylines that are so confusing and too much thought put into them and not enough execution that the film is basically just what it is, an obligatory sequel to make some people rich and piss off the fans and play dumb till you force feed them more shit. When did Sarah Connor look like a 10 year old kid? And Kyle Reese in this film plays out more like a stalker or pedophile than a hero. You know Arnold was strong-arming the studio to let him be all over this film and he got his wish, for worst or very badly worst.

There was zero chemistry between the characters, and if they could not sell each other on what they were doing, how could they sell it to us? I will admit, I did like the final battle somewhat. it gave us that moment that we would expect from a film called Terminator, it was over the top and clearly a showcase to try and show us how you can cover up horrible writing and worst acting. This is a film for people who never seen a Terminator film in their lives, because if you liked anything about the history of this film or characters, you would just be bored by what this film offers you. I had a clue after the second commercial aired during the Super Bowl and they did not give us the rating for the film where this film was heading. it was going to appeal to children and sell toys, instead of respecting the history and fans who are always behind the franchise putting another number on the film and releasing it. The shocking part of this over-trendy take was that Sarah Connor was not working behind the counter at Hot Topic and playing Kesha in her hybrid. This film is not a Terminator film, it is a public outcry that we support too much shit and we need to put Hollywood and people like Arnold on notice to stop fucking us for cash on this shit. James Cameron for endorsing this film should be slapped in his face and forced to truly watch the film.

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