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MOVIE REVIEW: Blood Soaked

Blood Soaked

PLOT РMeet Piper she is a young girl on her first day of college. She meets Ashley as they are part of a little group who write their darkest secrets on a piece of paper and pass it to another person and never read the paper. Well, they go to a party and get drunk, and decide to hang out all night in the desert. The next day, this new lesbian couple is stalked by a group of sisters who seem to be students of the ideas and beliefs of Hitler. The Nazi sisters are also experimenting on turning people they kill into zombies who are slaves to them, will our new couple be able to survive or will they be next?

REVIEW РI loved Blood Soaked. Talk about a film that offers something different to the horror genre. You have a film that starts off as this new girl in college story, small town girl Piper who is so naive and innocent to all around her is trying really hard to fit in. She has a boyfriend at home who is not faithful to her, a mother who still clings on to her little daughter, and a whole new world that is opening up in front of her. When she meets Ashley, she sees in her a free spirit, someone who accepts her for who she and an experimental phase of her life. You know that this film is about to change and that these characters are being built up for a reason. While being hinted on in the opening seconds of the film, we finally get to fully meet the Nazi sisters around the 20 minute mark.

The film is 70 minutes long, the first twenty or so is a throwback color style that builds up the characters of Piper and Ashley, and gives us glimpses of the evil that is their fate called the Nazi sisters. The next 50 is black and white which becomes a totally different monster, we learn about what the Nazi sisters are all about and how they are killing people, and then giving them some experimental drug that makes them zombies and slaves to them.


Films like Blood Soaked is what I love the most about independent film making these days, the nuts to take a chance and give us something different. On paper or even in review, this film seems like some idea you have seen done before or at least they tried to attempt before, but Blood Soaked is so creative and unique that it really feels fresh and new. I thought the backstory with the mom and Piper’s boyfriend was sort of un-necessary, but it was less than 3 minutes and was the only negative I could think of about this film.

At 70 minutes this film offers you so much, but it never felt rushed and it never dragged, it was just right. The pacing of this film was what I was really impressed by, with the lesbian overtones they never made them feel sleazy or for us to feel like we were perverts, and on the flip side the violence and sadistic nature of this film was just so smart. They gave you a calm that will have you interested and invested in, and they gave you a storm that will have you excited again about the horror genre.

I can honestly say no matter what is playing at the multiplex and disguising itself as horror, you may want to avoid those jokes and seek this film out. This film is really creative and a really good fun ride into some sick ass fun shit. Blood Soaked is awesome and every horror fan should make it a point to seek it out.


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