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New Music Review LOCAL H “Hey, Killer”

LOCAL H "Hey Killer"

REVIEW – 25 years ago, LOCAL H formed. 20 years ago, they released their debut record Ham Fisted. Most people did not pick up on them till the next year when As Good As Dead came out and got them on MTV and even college radio. Hey, Killer is the 8th record from LOCAL H. The sad part of this story, the band always put out good music; they have the catchy songs that should have radio dj’s creaming. They have the critical praise that should pave their music road at least gold. Why is LOCAL H not more than some underground name that scrapes the charts and then disappears when the next week hits? This is a two piece that Scott Lucas since day one has fronted and has more talent in his fucking feces than the whole Billboard chart any week. Ex-Sullen drummer Ryan Harding is now in the band on drums and adds such a hungry passion to feed off of Scott’s intensity. LOCAL H has this sound that really dips into so many formulas under the alternative genre. You have the grunge, you have the crunch of the alt-metal, and you have the catchy sound that all gels into this amazing two piece powerhouse. I will be honest; their cover of Team by Lorde is the best cover song in the last ten years easily.

This is a band that is not out to copy but to put their spin and mark on music. Hey, Killer is the perfect title for this cd. Because from first song to last, this record is nothing short of killer, which is unfair when you are a fan of this band, you know you are not going to get anything less than that. For music people who think LOCAL H of today sound like Pack up the Cats and Ham Fisted, this record shows that the band has so much more to offer on their way to creating another great record for fans and critics to bruise their eardrums while singing, “ There Aint No Ghosts in your Ghost Town”. Freshly Fucked is the true gem on this cd that you can compare to catchy songs like Team, Bound for the Floor,Here Comes Ol’ Laptop, California Songs, and Fifth Ave Crazy.(speaking of Sullen members). This is the best that LOCAL H has sounded well since the last album. To me, LOCAL H can do no wrong and I am just shocked that in a world that shit sells that when something amazing comes out people treat it like shit. What do they know? LOCAL H is a great band, and this new record is another classic. Now if Scott Lucas would agree to do an interview with us?


LOCAL H “Hey, Killer”

LOCAL H "Hey Killer"Track Listing:

1. “The Last Picture Show In Zion” 6:28
2. “City Of Knives” 3:05
3. “Freshly Fucked” 2:10
4. “Gig Bag Road” 4:18
5. “The Misanthrope” 3:23
6. “One Of Us” 4:38
7. “Leon And The Game Of Skin” 6:42
8. “Mansplainer” 2:57
9. “Age Group Champion” 4:33
10. “John The Baptist Blues” 6:03
11. “I Am A Salt Mine” 2:42

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