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FUCK THE FACTS Update USA Tour Dates, Post Live Drum Video For ‘The Path of Most Resistance’


New Album ‘Desire Will Rot’ (Noise Salvation) Out Now!
Music Video – The Path of Most Resistance – Watch here.
Music Video – Solitude – Watch here.
Album Stream – Listen here.

Canadian grindcore legends FUCK THE FACTS have updated their tour schedule for their upcoming USA dates in support of their new album ‘Desire Will Rot’ released this past August via their indie label Noise Salvation. (dates listed below)

In addition, the band has posted a new live video of drummer Mathieu Vilandré’s pounding ‘The Path of Most Resistance’ for fans during their Sault Ste. Marie show last September. The video can be watched at the following link here.


Fuck the Facts ~ Desire Will Rot

11/19 Buffalo, NY at Sugar City
11/20 Columbus, OH at Spacebar
11/21 Columbia, MO at Cafe Berlin
11/22 Wichita, KS at The South Lulu Temple of Doom
11/23 Denver, CO at Mutiny Information Cafe
#11/24 Laramie, WY at Babe Haus (changed from Cheyenne, WY at Redwood)
11/25 Salt Lake City, UT at Metro Bar
11/26 Las Vegas, NV at The Dive Bar
11/27 Glendale, CA at Complex
11/28 San Diego, CA at The Merrow
11/29 Tempe, AZ at Yucca Tap Room
11/30 Albuquerque, NM at Blu Phoenix
12/01 Amarillo, TX at Zombiez Bar and Grill
12/02 Dallas, TX at Reno’s Chop Shop
12/03 Austin, TX at Dirty Dog
12/04 Houston, TX at Barret’s
12/05 Metairie, LA at Twist of Lime
12/06 Pensacola, FL at The Handlebar
12/07 Tampa, FL at Epic Problem
12/08 Miami, FL at Churchills Pub
12/09 Orlando, FL at Uncle Lou’s
#12/10 Tallahassee, FL at Midtown Speakeasy (changed from Savannah, GA at The Jinx)
12/11 Raleigh, NC at Slims
12/12 Richmond, VA at Strange Matter
12/13 Philadelphia, PA at Kung Fu Necktie
01/15 Toronto, ON at Coalition
01/16 Peterborough, ON at The Spill

# = venue change


About the album:
‘Desire Will Rot’ was recorded and mixed by FTF guitarist Topon Das at his Apartment 2 studio in Ottawa, ON and features eleven aggressive tracks of the band’s metal mastery to follow their recent split EP with Fistfuck along with 2014’s ‘Abandoned’ and 2013’s ‘Amer’ EPs plus it being their first full length since 2011’s ‘Die Miserable’.

A full album stream of ‘Desire Will Rot’ can be heard at the following link: and can be digitally downloaded here plus be picked up on 12” vinyl, CD, and Cassette at

FUCK THE FACTS “Desire Will Rot”

FUCK THE FACTS "Desire Will Rot"
FUCK THE FACTS “Desire Will Rot”

Track Listing:
1. Everywhere Yet Nowhere (2:58)
2. Shadows Collide (2:49)
3. The Path of Most Resistance (1:34)
4. La Mort I (1:36)
5. La Mort II (1:34)
6. Prey (2:22)
7. Storm of Silence (2:38)
8. Solitude (3:11)
9. False Hope (5:46)
10. Circle (7:54)
11. Nothing Changes (6:20)

Album Length: 38:48


About FTF: 
Started as a recording project in the late 90’s, it wasn’t until 2001 that the work ethic that produced a slew of underground releases drove Fuck The Facts towards full band status and into the live arena. Since then, the Ottawa-based unit has barely stopped for a breath of reconsideration, associating themselves with some of the biggest labels in underground extreme music, as well as continuing a steady output of DIY releases. Having toured hundreds of thousands of kilometers throughout North America and Europe, guitarist/founder Topon Das, vocalist Mel Mongeon, drummer Mathieu Vilandré, bassist/vocalist Marc Bourgon, and guitarist Johnny Ibay have performed at some of the biggest festivals and sweated it out in some of the smallest basements. From 2006-2011 Fuck The Facts released three albums via underground powerhouse label, Relapse Records.  Upon the completion of their contract, the quintet decided it was time to put the finishing touches on the proverbial full-circle, returning to the world of fierce independence and creative control. Their most recent releases were produced entirely at their own studio, self-released, and shows Fuck The Facts efforts as an entity continuing to grow musically and personally while developing a deeper understanding of what significance their art holds to them. As one of the longest running and most recognizable names in Canadian Grindcore, FUCK THE FACTS continue to deliver their brand of “Bastardized Grindcore” with no end in sight.

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