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Florida Georgia Line

Sells out the StarPlex in Dallas on the second stop of it’s current “Smooth Tour” presented by Old Camp Whiskey.  Wow!  That is all I need to say about that.

We received late notice that we would be shooting and reviewing the show.  Typically I am shooting the show but since our guy Joe Guzman was handling those duties tonight I was honored to review it.   Most of you know by now that when shooting a show we get to shoot the 1st 3 songs then back to the closet to wait for the next band to shoot the 1st 3 of the next band then back to the closet.  Tonight I got to go to a seat, a really good seat, up front 13 rows back just to the right of the main stage.  Starplex had a large section of stage that came out and off to the right and left side to allow more of the fans in the high dollar general admission pit area to be up close and right next to the stages.  During recent renovations to the Pavilion there was a new lighting system installed that was really cool with a lot more options than the old system.

Opening act

A youngster named Morgan Wallen was the opening act.  Up and coming.  He has released a single on Big Loud Records called “The Way I Talk” which is ranked in the top 30 on country music radio.

Morgan Wallen shot by Joe “The Man” Guzman.

Up next

Was another young man and a little more seasoned artist who has been hitting it hard for a few years that has a nice Pop Country sound named Chris Lane.  His debut album was in 2012 titled “Lets Ride” and released “Girl Problems” album in August 2016 with hits like “Fix” with over 8 million views.

Chris Lane Photo By Joe “The Man” Guzman.


The big surprise for me and maybe no one else was the third act which was Nelly.  I am one of those old, fat, ugly, middle of the road, old country boys that grew up in the city listening to Bluegrass, Outlaw country, Rock in Roll, Pop, Blues, even a little Bach and Beethoven.  Out comes this young fellow doing a rap thing along with some scantily clad young ladies that were not bad on the eyes but I was setting there scratching my head wondering why this guy would have been chosen to line up with FGL.  Seemed way off track but as I stood there tapping my foot to the beat watching this guy belt out these Rap songs which most of them I had never heard before but the crowd had.  Hundreds of young ladies in their daisy dukes and cowboy boots and groups of moms with their kiddo’s were singing all the lyrics, dancing wildly, squealing loudly with their arms raised up swinging to and fro with the beat.  I was impressed when he plucked a young lady from the crowd that had raised her hand when he asked if there were any new fans in the crowd.  Pulled her up on stage and sang a song to her.  He now has a fan for life.  She was mesmerized and star struck.  He then asked who was one of his oldest fans and asked that they raise their hands up.  His brother Ali picked up one of the girls.  She was handed a mic and helped him sing one of his songs.  A young lady in the row behind me grabs my arm and asked me if I was  Nelly fan.   I politely said “no ma’am not really a fan but I could be swayed”.  The next song he broke out with was “Just a Dream” with over 300 Million views on Youtube.  It is a song that I have listened to a thousand times myself.  I turned to the young lady after that song and told her that I was a fan of that song.  While I am still not a fan of Rap music Nelly seemed like a pretty down to earth guy just living the dream.

Nelly Photo by Joe “The Man” Guzman


Florida Georgia Line

hit the stage running and performed all of their best tunes including “That’s how we do it round here”, “Dig your roots”, “Holy”.  Knocked out 13 tunes before coming back out to performing a few more songs and inviting Chris Lane, Morgan Wallen with Nelly and his guys to finish the last song and heading out.  If they are coming to a venue near you be sure to get a ticket.  It was a great show and hats off to Nelly.



Article by Will Crews

Photo’s by Joe “The Man” Guzman

Will Crews
Will Crews is a Dallas-Fort Worth based photographer specializing in concert, live event and sports photography. He especially enjoys capturing crucial and precious moments of the sports lives of the athletes he photographs. Check out more of his work at Will Crews Photography.
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