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New Music Review: FALLEN ANGELS “World In Decay”

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REVIEW – Ever wonder what thrash would sound like with elements of Bay Area, old school thrash, classic metal, and even some Rush thrown in for good measure?  Seattle’s Fallen Angels show us how it’s done with their third album in seven years, “World In Decay”, released on August 4th on the Cyberdyne Record label.  My first thought was, “Thrash from Seattle?”, one doesn’t see much of that genre come from that area, so it’s quite refreshing to see something different emerge.

There isn’t really much that can be said for this straight-forward future classic. In short- It’s good! I was pleasantly surprised by these guys. Great songwriting, excellent musicianship, clever arrangements, face-melting solos, Maidenesque interludes and intros, all make up the whole that is “World In Decay”.  It’s quite evident that the Big Four (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer) play a big part to Fallen Angels’ sound.  Capturing their essence is producer, Michael Rosen, who also steered the ship with Testament, Death Angel and Tesla.  The low-end is held down nicely by drummer, and double-bass pedal king, Steve Spitzbart, and bassist Carl Larsson.  Dual guitar team Erik Hanson, and Matt Be Roth work beautifully together to give the album a classic sound with their six-string attack.  Bradzilla (love that name) delivers shouting, fist-pumping choruses and vocals custom-made for thrash. Had this album been made, say, 26 years prior, it’s very possible that it would have received airplay on KNAC or Z-Rock.

Wrapping up a successful shred across the country during the summer of 2015, and sharing stages with, but not limited to, Testament, Flotsam & Jetsam, Loudness, Obituary, and Cannibal Corpse, Fallen Angels can head back to the studio and know that they are on the right track.  There’s nothing broken here, so don’t go trying to fix it.  It’s great hearing new music that feels very classic and old-school.  I can’t wait to hear more.  If you dig that Bay Area thrash, check out Fallen Angels.  They might be right up your alley.


FALLEN ANGELS “World In Decay”

Album Cover - Fallen Angels - World In Decay
Track Listing
1. The Hammer’s Blow (4:25)
2. Nightmare (4:58)
3. Forsaken Existence (5:05)
4. Leading the Blind (4:36)
5. Fire At Eden’s Gate (6:13)
6. Into The Abyss (5:39)
7. The Hour of the Time (5:40)
8. Mortis Ex Machina (4:28)

Album Length: 41:08

Rick Schwartz
Rick has reviewed new music on a personal and professional level, while building his ever expanding music collection, since a very young age.
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