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Exclusive Interview: Debora Ceneri of REVENIENCE


Before you read this interview, there is something I want to share. I have interviewed hundreds of bands. I have talked to a ton of female musicians that people are calling, “ the next big thing”. Debora, is one of the first interviews that, when you read it, you truly see the woman is not out to be anything other than herself. Which in this day and age is so refreshing. When you interview other females or males, they always try to look cool or say something to appear smarter than who they are, in fear of people thinking they are just like them. Debora, does not have that fear and is down to earth, and as you read this interview, you see a young woman who I feel has the vocal talent and personality to really make Revenience a band to pay attention to. Seek this band cd out, and if they play live near you, go see them. Plus, bring her the Great Gatsby, you may get a hug. Enjoy….

Hi James, thank you for your warm welcome and for giving me this opportunity.

1. Debora, thanks for taking time out of your schedule to talk to us. For people who are not familiar with Revenience. How would you describe your band and what you offer? “

Revenience” stems from a mix of different experiences and musical backgrounds. We tried to meld together the key points of each individual band member in order to develop a personal “signature”, different from what the market already offered and the result is a modern gothic-tinged metal, with some progressive color here and there. During rehearsal, composing or recording sessions each of us donates a piece of him/herself so that there can be a constant growth of the band, both on a musical and on a personal level

2. What was the first cd, singer, band or song that inspired you to pursuit music?

There actually wasn’t a particular CD, song or band that put me in that direction, furthermore I grew up in a family in which there was no particular interest for music. One day, with no particular reason, I told my parents that I wanted to start singing and playing the piano: I was (and I am) very fascinated by this instrument. After some “pressing”, I got them to support me in studying singing… and that’s how it all started.

3. How did the band form? And was Revenience the first name the band came up with?

The band had to face several line-up and, subsequently, moniker changes. “Revenience” was the name the current line-up came up with during “Daedalum” recording session, I believe there will be no more changes. 😉

4. The band most recently put out a cd, daedalum. Looking back, are you happy with the finished product? Is there anything you would change if you could?

Daedalum concertized my first experience as a band member; saying that I am enthusiast about what we made would be reductive. Up to date I think about it as one of my life’s biggest satisfactions. Actually, analyzing the product, I think it would have been nice to sing more in the middle/low range…I like challenges, they force me to explore my limits and to understand if there’s any “potential” to work on.

5. You know with music what that means, the dreaded critics. Those people who just love to give their opinions on anything and everything. Do you personally read all the press you get? If so, does the bad stuff get to you?

In Revenience we keep in great consideration critical reviews and press in general, we actually have some “press-reading” sessions (maybe in front of a pizza, to keep the mood up XD)in which we discuss the critics they pointed out, you know, for trying to improve… Anyway you asked me to be myself, so I’ll do it.​ ​YES! I happened to get very nervous, especially when I felt that the negative comment was determined by a deluded expectation that could not be satisfied even after 100 plays of the entire record…I think that record reviewing is an important job that should be tackled with attention and rationality, not being influenced by preconceived opinions.


6. What do you think is the biggest misconception fans have of Revenience?

Sometimes they tend to compare us to iconic bands of power-symph ​ onic metal, such as Nightwish or ​similia, and this is actually not correct, since our idea of music is more “gothic” and tries to be different, avoiding purely symphonic and baroque elements. My voice has even been compared to Tarja’s one…would you believe it? Even if I may find the comparison flattering, I have to say that I’m not trying to emulate her lyrical approach to vocals…let’s be honest: I come from pop-rock!​ ​☺

7. Let’s be honest, you are a very beautiful young lady. Do you feel the music industry in general so far, treats you fairly? Also, is it an insult to you when you see other females basically selling their images in magazines instead of letting the music do the talking?

Thank you James.. ☺​ As far as I can remember, my esthetic wasn’t ever commented so far…I don’t know if this is good or bad, Ahahaha! I often wonder why one should get “undressed” in order to sing… I actually think that anybody should be free to do as she/he wants, but I tend not to like women that use only their appearance to establish themselves… in my opinion it’s an easy and foregone strategy. I try to choose a different approach, more focused on vocal skills and a good mix between smiles and glances to the audience, I think it can even be way sexier than some uncovered skin… but once again this is only my personal opinion and in the end only music matters.

8. If music did not work out for you, what was your backup plan?

I don’t think as music as a “job”, a mere way to pay a rent, that’s why I don’t think I need a backup plan… Let’s say my goal is not to live on music but to live with music, being always sided by music. In this way I’m not bound to deadlines and “bureaucratic” issues regarding music.

9. Do you ever get nervous before you go on stage? Or in a studio to record?

Very nervous, especially right before a live show. Usually I need to lock in a room, alone or with few trustworthy friends who know that I am in a sort of trance, so they avoid talking to me (and even if they tried they’d get no answers)… I bark, but I don’t bite​☺​ Luckily this anxiety dissolves the very moment I get on stage, there is a magic up there that I find healing and relieving.

10. Have you had any calls or dealings yet with members from Flyleaf, Nightwish or The Gathering? They always seem to be looking for new singers. If a band like one of them did call, would you jump?

I haven’t received any so big offer so far… sincerely, I think it’s way bigger than me, so I don’t know how I would behave. I should be in that situation to figure out how I would react… for sure it would be a honor and I would be really glad, since it would mean that I am working in the right direction.

11. How do you feel about fans taking pictures and shooting videos during a show? Do you get pissed, looking into the crowd and seeing people not getting into the show but texting?

I think it’s better to enjoy the performance through your eyes, there shouldn’t be any “filter” between the band and the fans, at least not for most of the time. I have to say that we are not so famous that a video of us playing can be regarded as a “trophy” and maybe that’s why this doesn’t happen to an extent that can piss me off, as it may be the case for big bands… if somebody likes us at the point of taking one or two pictures, I can only be happy!


12. What is the difference between Debora the singer on stage and Debora the person at home? Is there anything different?

Nobody ever asked me anything like this, you’re making me smile… One of the main difference that was noticed by me and my friends is that Debora the singer laughs and smiles way more than Debora the person. It’s that feeling that kicks in when you’re on stage…

13. I have to ask you, my most personal question. What is on a Debora ipod? Is there any cd you own that you are embarrassed to admit you like?

No embarrassment at all: in my iPod you’ll find Fever Ray, Tori Amos, Lana del Rey, Nothing but Thieves, Amy Winehouse and a lot of various other stuff. Furthermore I love listening to movie soundtracks, I find the art of underlying emotions with music fascinating and sublime.

14. This is fill in the blank…

a. “Snuffling people”are​ my biggest pet peeve

b.” Fever Ray by Fever Ray”​ ​is the best cd I have ever heard

c. “Having more time to dedicate to music”​ ​is the one goal I have that I want to achieve soon

d. “The Great Gatsby” ​is my favorite movie ever

15. When you talk to American bands, getting out on tour in the UK and overseas is their biggest goal. For your band is the United States a goal?

Wow!! That would be definitely fantastic! We’d like to reach many places and certainly America is one of them. I love to picture that one day this dream could become true. As someone said: “A dream is a wish your heart makes…”

16. You can relax now, whew. We are done. I have to say this is an honor and again happy birthday to you. Any final words to the people reading.

James, I found your questions very original and interesting, you donated me a moment of recollection and relax, thanks to you and to Infrared Magazine for this pleasant interview. I would like to greet and thank our old and new followers: your support is fundamental to our path! We will knock at your doors to share a lot of music with You.

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