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New Music Review: EVERTRAPPED “Under The Deep”

[EVERTRAPPED] "Under the Deep"

REVIEW – The Great White North has been a hotbed of new, original death metal lately, at least from this reviewer’s point of view.  Montreal’s melodic EVERTRAPPED (According to their press release, The name is intentionally written with enclosed brackets to signify the trappings of modern life for all of us and how people, despite their best attempts to break out of the mold are still affixed to a simple controlled existence and futility.) released their third, and latest LP, “Under The Deep” on Hellstorm Recordz on October 16th, and this album takes us on a ride into madness.  Dark, black madness, and it’s rough.

Lots of influences can be heard in the style of EVERTRAPPED, such as Arch Enemy and Lamb of God. Some classic thrash and speed are present, and dare I say even some fellow Montrealers, April Wine tones in the harmony guitar leads?  I know I heard just a little Sign of the Gypsy Queen in a couple of the songs.  In all seriousness, the musicianship amongst these guys is second to none.  It’s an amazing thing when bands can gel and be on the same page musically, and it shows with this band.

A self-produced release, and led by mastermind composer and guitarist, Frederick Dupuis (ex-Daggerfalls), and also consisting of, drummer, Eric Lemire (ex-Apocalypsys, ex-Ice Castle), guitarist, Vincent Benoit, bassist, John Yates (ex-AraPacis), and lyricist/vocalist James Brookes (ex-Ammonia, ex-One Final Moment, Continuum), EVERTRAPPED brutally assault the senses with an aural journey that results in following someone’s downward spiral of sanity.  Not necessarily insanity, but more about how black of a soul one can have, all while being socially functional.  Pretty twisted stuff.  Brookes and his interpretive lyrics allow the listener to draw conclusions of their own about what the lyricist’s real vision entails.  The first single from the album, “Underneath The Deep” is a good example, describing what it takes to break someone else. From reaching one’s own personal rock bottom, to wondering why we mourn the dead, when the living are suffering, and from watching karma intervene on a world that casts you out, to inescapable death, the themes on “Under The Deep” keep the listener riveted all the way through to the final track, “Embrace The End”.  Although, it’s quite interesting to find that another Canadian death metal band, Silent Line, also closes their latest release with a track called “Embrace The End”.  What are the odds?

EVERTRAPPED “Under The Deep”


Track Listing:

1. […] (1:58)
2. Arise From The Ashes (5:40)
3. Underneath The Deep (5:50)
4. Palace Of Injustice (6:06)
5. Hypnotized By Hatred (5:26)
6. Blood Of The Fallen (5:05)
7. Lethal District (6:28)
8. Burning Through Vengeance (5:36)
9. Reaper (5:30)
10. Embrace The End (5:55)

Album Length: 53:34


7 Stars

Rick Schwartz
Rick has reviewed new music on a personal and professional level, while building his ever expanding music collection, since a very young age.
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