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[EVERTRAPPED] Premiere New Music Video ‘Embrace The End’ via New Album Out ‘Under The Deep’ (Hellstorm Recordz)


Free Download – Lethal District – PureGrainAudio
Music Video – Underneath The Deep – Watch here.
Album Stream – Under The Deep – Listen here.

Delivering relentless brutal melodic death metal on their recently released third studio album ‘Under The Deep’ (Hellstorm Recordzto follow 2012’s ‘Anomaly’ and 2010’s debut ‘Tales From The Supermax’.  Montreal, QC five piece [EVERTRAPPED] has teamed up with for the video premiere of ‘Embrace The End’, which can be viewed at the following link below.

Vocalist James Brookes comments on the video:

“Our latest video for “Embrace The End” goes further underneath the depths of the darker side of [Evertrapped]. However, we also went ‘Blair Witch’ style in order to add the element of raw terror that the ‘home video’ style can bring.  I will also add that the track itself is about the apocalypse and the actual last hour of the end. A look at almost coming to terms with the fact that it was likely the fault of humanity and embracing the acceptance of such evil.”

Video – Embrace The End –

To listen to their new album ‘Under The Deep’, please visit the following links: 
Ondes Chocs – 

For more info, please visit the following link: 

[EVERTRAPPED] "Under the Deep"
[EVERTRAPPED] “Under the Deep”
Track Listing: Evertrapped – Under The Deep

1. […] (1:58)
2. Arise From The Ashes (5:40)
3. Underneath The Deep (5:50)
4. Palace Of Injustice (6:06)
5. Hypnotized By Hatred (5:26)
6. Blood Of The Fallen (5:05)
7. Lethal District (6:28)
8. Burning Through Vengeance (5:36)
9. Reaper (5:30)
10. Embrace The End (5:55)

Album Length: 53:34



Track by track explained by Evertrapped.


  1. […] intro
  2. Arise From The Ashes: A depiction of someone who has actually reached the bottom, so their rise from there so to speak. Like the king of their own universe broken by all clawing it’s back but fueled by an ever consuming hatred.
  3. Underneath The Deep: A personal look at how a person can only be fucked up by someone else for too long until they break. But this takes you to a point where you now can’t come back.
  4. Palace Of Injustice: A stab at anyone blinded by the indoctrination of any institution and their ultimate demise that likely follows due to their ignorance towards it. However, it does aim more at the disgust of the institutions themselves and not so much the ignorance of the people.
  5. Hypnotized By Hatred: Another personal reflection, but in this case more a person who has been made to believe that all they do is wrong. So it brings up the sense where if you tell someone enough times that they are shit, then eventually they will just believe it. And in this case someone who becomes a very dark god loathing individual because it takes them to a point where they think it’s hysterical.
  6. Blood Of The Fallen: This is set in a horror like context although it not some zombie tribute. It simply laughs at how we place so much importance on the memory of the dead yet never bat an eye at the reality of human suffering which we ourselves cause.
  7. Lethal District: Somewhat of a post apocalyptic view of the surviving factions of humanity that instill themselves as the powers that be, and thus cast out the unclean, unworthy, and so forth. And therefore it sheds light on the madness and revolt of the unwanted.
  8. Burning Through Vengeance: This is a straight up rebel song. A certain arrogant fuck you to a society that rejects you, but you still know that you know better than them. So instead you’ll bide your time and watch them hilariously screw themselves over.
  9. Reaper: As the title suggests, an end of the line type song. In a certain way captures the essence of[EVERTRAPPED] in terms of the inescapable event that is death.
  10. Embrace The End: This also goes more or less as the title suggests. This is another song for the apocalypse but more at the actual hour of the end itself. A look at almost coming to terms with the fact that it was likely the fault of humanity and embracing the acceptance of such evil.


[EVERTRAPPED] are a Montreal-based five piece bringing relentlessly brutal melodic death metal to audiences since 2007. The name is intentionally written with enclosed brackets to signify the trappings of modern life for all of us and how people, despite their best attempts to break out of the mold are still affixed to a simple controlled existence and futility.

Members of the band bring together their collective experience from the Montreal metal scene to create their heavy brand of death metal. The guitarists Frederick Dupuis (ex-Daggerfalls) and Vincent Benoit hammer out raw guitar while drummer Eric Lemire (ex-Apocalypsys, ex-Ice Castle) pummels the drums. Their versatile frontman James Brookes (ex-Ammonia, ex-One Final Moment, Continuum) easily alternates between strong clear vocals and low bellowing screams giving listeners the illusion of more than one vocalist. John Yates (ex-AraPacis) weaves together each song with his driving bass lines to keep the punishing tracks energy at an all time high.

Lyrics are intentionally slightly abstract to lure fans to draw their own conclusions despite a perceived understanding of the tracks. Themes for the music revolve around personal turmoil and even stringing together the image of a future where the world is on the brink of an apocalypse.

The band’s influences range from Death Metal to Melodic Death primarily, along with some classic thrash and speed metal, which explains their technicality and diversity sonically. Live, the band is a whirlwind of aggression and sonically abrasive, yet sporadically melodic vocally and instrumentally.

The band will release their album ‘Under The Deep’ on October 16, 2015 available through Hellstorm Recordz. Staff Writers Staff Writers come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines but have one thing in common: they love to write about music and entertainment experiences. As a part of the Infrared Magazine family, they have access to stories and images that help readers to be inspired and informed about music and entertainment.
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