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EASTON CORBIN Live at Billy Bob’s Texas


EASTON CORBIN performing live at Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth, Texas on Saturday, October 10, 2015. Review by Denyse Crews with photos by Will Crews Photography for Infrared Magazine.

EASTON CORBIN Live at Billy Bob’s Texas

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Fans at Billy Bob’s Texas in Ft. Worth, Texas could be heard for miles when Easton Corbin, a country boy from Trenton, Florida took the stage. Corbin and his 7 member band were more entertaining than some of the bands I have seen lately. They were engaging with the audience on numerous songs and interacted with the ladies running up to get selfies with Corbin in the background.  Mostly a young crowd but had some older ones sprinkled in there too.

When he sang his song, “It’s About to Get Real” strumming his gold glittered guitar I thought the ladies where going to storm the stage.  Followed by “Yup” with his story behind that all the men seem to relate to and all the ladies wished they were a part of.    He talked  a lot about his past and growing up back home.  You could tell it took him back to talk about it.  You could also  see that he feels the songs he sings as he is singing them.

Corbin, with absolute sincerity and meaning, stops to thank the past, present and future military.  He then thanks all of the law enforcement personnel and all first responders.  He sings some more songs and then stops to introduce the band.  Honestly, this was the best band member introductions I have seen so far.   He introduces each member and they have their own personal moment in glory unique to their background.  Shawn Bailey,  his fiddle player,  was from Ft. Worth so he was home for the night and if you want to know how big his (blank) is, you may want to attend a show and find out what (blank) is and how big it is.

All in all a good show.  The lighting, the music and the venue all part of what made it a good show.  Ending his concert with Be My Love Song from his About to Get Real album was the icing on the concert cake.  If you ever have the opportunity to see him and his band live, you should do so.  I will definitely go back to see him the next time he is in town.   Check out his tour schedule at


Denyse Crews, Writer
Will Crews, Photographer

Will Crews
Will Crews is a Dallas-Fort Worth based photographer specializing in concert, live event and sports photography. He especially enjoys capturing crucial and precious moments of the sports lives of the athletes he photographs. Check out more of his work at Will Crews Photography.

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  1. Well written! Easton and his band always put on a great show! First time to visit Billy Bobs, can’t wait to go back. Will is there anyway you can email me the pic of Easton and I? I have the red dress, taking a selfie with him. Thank you!

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