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New Music Review: DISPLAY OF DECAY “Dust of Existence”

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DISPLAY OF DECAY “Dust of Existence”

DISPLAY OF DECAY "Dust of Existence"Track Listing:
1. Created to Kill (3:41)
2. Relentless Reprisal (2:53)
3. Messiah Complex (4:30)
4. Maruta (4:21)
5. Cellar Goreatory (3:26)
6. High Voltage Castration (5:16)
7. Nyctophilia (3:23)
8. Dust of Existence (7:10)

Album Length: 34:45



REVIEW – Intense, brutal, dynamic. Just a few of the things that are being said about “Dust of Existence”, the latest from Edmonton, Alberta’s Display of Decay. Their fifth, self-released album sucker punched us back on September 22, 2015, and with an all too short running time of just under 35 minutes, it’s been kicking our collective asses since, making this all that much more impressive.  New death metal with an old-school, New York death metal feel.  Deicide and Cannibal Corpse ring through the tracks, while letting us know that Canadian death metal is as strong as ever.

The first thing I noticed was the presence of nice, thick bass.  An unusual addition to the genre, and well-played by Jacob Maisonneuve, they make it a very welcome inclusion while not over-doing it.  Another interesting take is the absence of intros.  Then again, none are really needed.  Thrash riffs mixed with death vocals and heavy bass give their studio sound a unique blend. The razor-sharp vocals of Jessy Leduc remain at a constant throughout the album, making it that much more aggressive.  The dual guitar assault of co-producer, Sean Watson, and Jeremy Puffer surround the solid rhythm section with Maisonneuve, and drummer, Avery Desmarais.

Forming in 2007, and sharing stages with their peers and influences, Display of Decay has enjoyed a prolific and well-received recording history, and they proudly add another notch with “Dust of Existence”, an almost continuation of their last release, an EP called “Outbreak of Infection” in 2014. “We aimed to keep a similar style of groove on this record as we had on previous releases, with heavy punchy riffs that are near impossible to keep out of your head, but still maintain that raw edge we have become known for.” says Sean Watson.  A few tracks from the “Outbreak of Infection” sessions were written, but the band felt that additional attention was needed for them before recording for “Dust of Existence” commenced.  They made the right decision. “Created to Kill” is a great specimen of those pieces that just needed that extra bit of cooking time, and it’s oh, so worth it.

Rick Schwartz
Rick has reviewed new music on a personal and professional level, while building his ever expanding music collection, since a very young age.
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