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Digital Order “On Our Way” Review

Digital Order “On Our Way”

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Digital Order takes elements of modern dance and classic hard rock to form a sound all their own.  Formed in 2013, Digital Order hails from Australia. This four member group consists of: Shane Ariti (vocals), Will Cruz (keys), Andy Beerli (guitar), and Henry Gunson (drums).

The group has come up with an spectacular single, “On Our Way.” Full of energy, nostalgia, and a unique sense of sound, Digital Order brings together a song that the listener cannot help but like.

The band have been working on their upcoming full album release Sons of Odyssey.  For their first EP in 2014,  they crowd funded over $2,000 and went onto a nationwide tour.  They released two singles early 2016 (Juggernaut and Foreign Gold) to popular circulation on U.S. college and indie radio. The group debuted at #1 on U.S. digital radio in the rock charts and #36 overall on Australia’s Triple J’s Unearthed radio.

Founding member Will Cruz sought to learn more about writing music theory. He worked with UK producer Kevin Kerrigan (Bjork, Dido, Natalie Imbruglia) to help define Digital Order’s sound. Here is to looking forward what their debut album will have after listening to this impressive single.

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