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Deftones, Rise Against and Thrice – Starplex – June 27 2017

Deftones/Rise Against at Starplex



Opening the night was Frank Iero and the Patience the former rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist of the rock band “My Chemical Romance“.  Played songs off their new album “Parachutes“.  High energy and entertaining as the crowd was streaming into Starplex.



Up next was Thrice a band from Florida playing about 8 songs total opening with “Huricane“.  Closing with “The Earth Will Shake” go check’em out. Setting the stage perfectly for Rise Against.






It was a sweltering hot steamy mess with the humidity at 90 percent.  We were all sweating but that did not stop this crowd from getting into Rise Against as they invaded the stage about 8:15 and played 14 songs only stopping once to take a break as Tim McIlrath picked up his guitar and took the mic while the rest of the band stepped backstage to cool down and dry off.   He strummed his electric guitar and spoke of “hope for the future of this country through you” pointing at the crowd.  He said “Resist the urge to bury your head in the sand,” we look forward to “A World free from racism, free from sexism, free from nationalism”.  Singing “People Live here“.

Promoting their new album “Wolves” on this tour these guys put on a really good show.  The lighting was phenomenal taking full advantage of the revamped Starplex lighting system.






Ready to Fall, The Good Left Undone, Re-Education- Thru Labor,  Satellite, The Violence,  Help Is on the Way, Give it all, Welcome To The Breakdown, Survive, People Live Here, Wolves, Prayer for The Refugee, Make it Stop (Septembers Children), Savior.



What can you say about these guys that hasn’t been said before. Oh… Chino came out supporting a slightly lighter head of hair borderline blond.  I had to take a second look to make sure it was him when he 1st came out.  Metal to heavy rock they have a huge following in Texas.  I have seen these guys at least 4 times in the last 2 years and they always hit the mark.  Well except the first time that I heard them play at the then Gexa.  I had never seen them before or heard their music and not being a fan of metal l looked around in amazement that all of the fans in the crowd were jumping up and down in unison with Chino repeating every word he sang which most that I couldn’t even understand.  But the music is hypnotic and after listening to it a few times there is some of their work that I really like.  It has to be the ROCK part of my roots.

His vocals are amazing.  Chino puts his heart and soul into every song.  He came off the stage at least 3 times during this show making his way from the east side all the way down the pit hanging out over the crowd slapping hands and hugging the fans, putting on their caps and just being apart of the high energy crowd packed in the VIP standing pit area up front and close.  Which was packed together on a hot humid night in North Texas.

Catch them when you can.



Setlist   Headup, My own Summer,  Swerve City, Digital Bath, Elite, Phantom Bride, You’ve Seen The Butcher, Rocket Skates, Rosemary, Knife Party, Back To School, Be Quiet and Drive (Far away),  Change (In the House of Flies), Minerva.

Photos by Joe Guzman

Commentary by Will Crews


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