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CROOKS Party at Billy Bob’s Texas

CROOKS Photo by Will Crews

Fort Worth, TX – Modern outlaw country band the Crooks from Austin, Texas took the stage Saturday night September 5th at Billy Bob’s Texas.  If you are tired of listening to the same old light rock called “New Country” music and want to hear something that takes you back to a different era of country music with a spark of a new twist then you need to get out and listen to Crooks when they come to town or go buy their new CD “Wildfire“.  Which is what these guys are “ON FIRE” with the trumpets blaring, the accordion cutting through air throwing out notes these guys will just blow your doors off.  The horns especially on the songs where Anthony puts down the accordion and grabs a horn they hit both of them at the same time and it is almost hypnotic.

Full of energy.  The first time I heard these guys I said you know it sounds like an old spaghetti western movie with Clint Eastwood.  It has that sound but the with the combination of Josh and the band vocals with some good lyrics make it some really good listening.

Our 17 year old son who is middle of the road rock, hip hop, heavy bass, loud in your face, young people style of music asked where we were going.  I told him we were going out to Billy Bobs Texas in Fort Worth to shoot some pictures and listen to a country band from Austin.  We always ask him to join us and usually he is playing games or talking to his girlfriend and says no.  So I was thinking to myself that there is no way he is going to go. But when I asked he says “Yep give me a second to change”.

At the show I am running around taking pictures and somewhere around the 3rd song I notice he is is tapping his foot and saying “hey, I really like this sound, these guys are really good.  I want their CD?”  So he purchased the CD after the show.  We were privileged and honored to meet originator of the band Josh Mazour, drummer Rob Bacak, We got these two guys to autograph his CD.  My wife Denyse see’s the bassist Joey McGill as he was heading for a beer and he was kind of enough to take the disk back stage and get the rest of the band to sign it.

Really a pleasure to listen to and to meet these guys.

1. Toe to Toe
2. Fork in the Road
3. Cold Sweat
4. Sad Sad Song
5. The Git Go
6. New Mexico
7. The Hunted
8. Honeymoon
9. Comin’ Around Again
10. Late Night Lovin’ Man
11. Bar Nights

Loved the high energy accordion played by Anthony Ortiz Jr. just lights the place up.  Made one of his epic trips off the stage and down through the middle of the crowd hopping up on top of a table and cascading back down towards the stage never missing a beat.

Catch the Crooks at a live show near you.  You won’t be disappointed.

CROOKS Live at Billy Bob’s Texas

The Crooks coming to a town near you! Here are some events they have listed on their website.


9/9: Nashville, TN @ The Basement East
10/2: Tyler, TX @ Stanley’s Famous Pit BBQ
10/9: Houston, TX @ Texas Twisters Tavern
10/10: Bandera, TX @ 11th St. Cowboy Bar
10/15: Denton, TX @ Dan’s Silverleaf
10/16: Goldwaite, TX @ Bootjack Ranch
10/17: Austin, TX @ The Scoot Inn
10/24: Mission, TX @ Las Palmas Race Park
11/12: Fort Worth, TX @ Billy Bob’s Texas
11/13: Temple, TX @ O’Briens Irish Pub
11/20: Lubbock, TX @ The Blue Light
11/21: Amarillo, TX @ The Golden Light
11/28: Austin, TX @ ABGB
12/4: Tulsa, OK @ Mercury Lounge
12/5: Oklahoma City, OK @ Wormy Dog Saloon

Visit CROOKS online at:

Will Crews
Will Crews is a Dallas-Fort Worth based photographer specializing in concert, live event and sports photography. He especially enjoys capturing crucial and precious moments of the sports lives of the athletes he photographs. Check out more of his work at Will Crews Photography.
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